Announcement For Project 0.0 – Love and Gratitude


I started blogging on credit cards back in Feb 2009. In 2011, due to my eyes issue while still in my early forties,  I fired my boss and became an unemployed bum. After quitting my job, I had nothing better to do and the only daily stress i had was – what’s for lunch? Or we Hokkien people say – “Chiak Pa Tan Si”.

I tell you, me being half blind (literally)  is actually a blessing from God. You see, when I was working, I hardly see my children, except maybe on Sundays. Since I no longer had a chauffeur, I had to bloody wake up early in the morning to send my 3 youngest children to school; thus I had the opportunity to talk to them while stuck in the traffic jam. I had already sent my eldest son then to a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni – he was accepted before his SPM results were out at the age of 16. My eldest son enrolled into Primary School at the age of 6 years old (the year before then Education Minister Dato’ Seri Najib banned those below the age of 7 from entering primary school). Today only my youngest daughter is in her final year of high school and will be entering Uni next year. Actually, end of this year, 3 of my children are graduating from Uni!!! Below are my collection of uni degrees:

Myself – Bachelor Of Engineering and Masters of Engineering. Both from USA.

My Wife – Bachelor of Science from USA.

My Eldest Son – Bachelor of Engineering from a Top 10 USA Engineering Uni, Masters of Engineering from an Ivy League Uni (Best of the World’s Best Unis). By end of this year, Doctor of Medicine (M.D) from a Worlds’ Top 50 Med School in Australia.

My Older Daughter – Bachelor of Pharmacy (from a World’s Top 10 Pharmacy Uni in Australia). By end of this year, Masters of Education from an Australian Uni (ranked Worlds’ Top 50 Uni for Education).

My Second Son – By end of this year, Bachelor of Commerce from an Australian Uni ranked World’s Top 50 for Accountancy. Hopefully he continues with a Masters.

My Youngest Daughter – currently in her final year of high School in a Selective Girls’ High School in Melbourne which is also the best of the best high schools in the entire Australia.

In respect to the above, basically what I have are just bragging rights – “shiok sendiri”. No one cares if I or you drive a Bentley or what you own or don’t have. Even if one has Billions of Ringgit, so what? I tell you, the filthy rich people are worst off as they have much much more problems and they have this phobia that everyone is out to rip them off (which is true because their family members will beg them for money or hundreds of so called societies/charities keep bugging them for money. So the self-centred filthy filthy rich will set up a foundation in their own name where he/she will head and donate here and there and thinks people will be grateful to him/her; but in actual case no one cares as they are just after the money).

I have no qualms burning my money on my children as they are spending their future inheritance on a good cause. I cannot take my money to the grave. And it is better to spend my money and shiok sendiri instead of my son or grand son using their inheritance to buy Hermes/Chanel handbags for their girl friends (who may eventually be someone else’s wife) which would then result me trying desperately to dig out of my grave!!!

GenX GenY GenZ

My blog is called GenX GenY GenZ because it is about the generations of our time. I am from GenX, 3 of my children are GenYs and my youngest GenZ.

So when I retired in my early forties, I really had nothing better to do. So I started several blogs and eventually consolidated them into a single blog called Generations XYZ at blogspot. But Google pissed me off and also it was filled with so many ads where I have inserted the codes and have no idea how to remove them, hahaha. I then deleted the blogspot and created this blog

However, sometime in the year 2016, I realized that whatever I teach my readers on earning cash back from their credit cards will be insignificant to them later in their life. Most, if not all of my readers are educated and thus they should have accumulated enough wealth in their golden years and retire comfortably if they are not into drugs or  gambling or China Dolls/Toy Boys.

I was kind of lost in 2016. I am a blessed person and God must have heard my heart. My best friend, who is a graduate from Australia with Architecture background treated one of my health issues, to put it simply, out of Love and Gratitude. I was so amazed that I took the lesson on how to heal others and thanks to my Master, I found the power of Love & Gratitude and more importantly I found Inner Peace.

Closing of GenX GenY GenZ and New Blog

So in November 2016 I passed GenX GenY GenZ (facebook and dotcom) to a few die hard followers and subsequently decided to close GenX GenY GenZ. This is because I wanted to concentrate on my new found skill to help others. I then started a new blog to report on the effectiveness of my new found skill.

Well, in a relatively short period of 2 years, I have learned more about the power of Love & Gratitude and in the process helped more than a hundred people (mostly my followers from GenX GenY GenZ whom I invited to be part of my new journey at my new blog). With me helping more than 100 people and reporting the same thing over and over again at this new blog, the contents kind of became repetitive and boring – I myself was lazy to report the outcome of the people I helped.


As of December 2017, most of my loyal supporters at my new blog are fully aware of what I can do or cannot do (as I have been transparent in reporting my cases at my new blog). So there is no point to continue blogging on my new found skill. So, on 25th December 2017, I decided to reactivate GenX GenY GenZ dotcom and once again help my followers to earn cash back in order to cope with the high cost of living (actually, if you are a reader of mine, it is more like you are a cash back fan and only need money to buy material stuff as you have no issues putting food on the table).


GenX’s EPISODE VIII – REBORN Series 2018

So I started off my Reborn by producing reviews of Cash Back Credit Cards and then updated my articles on Airport Lounges and Air Miles.

However, this time around, I felt I should reward my die hard followers with really really selective info that is not to be shared with the public. So I made them perform “finger exercises”. Those who buta-buta followed my instructions were rewarded with more cash back or air miles.

Another thing, nowadays if I find any one emitting any negative energy, e.g. post/comment any negative words that is not to my liking OR trying to show they are a smart aleck OR they think they are my boss and not addressing me appropriately (example Hi, this is not how an educated person start of any correspondence and only appropriate to be used on your junior)  and/or instructing me to do this or that, straight away I will ban them or set their private message to SPAM! I don’t give a shit if you think you are my boss and can suka-suka demand anything from me (example, Hi, can I have the password or whatever).

However, those who Private Message me for the very first time and address me properly, as taught in Primary and Secondary School and humbly request my help, depending on my mood, I may help them. But if I cannot verify that they have Liked GenX GenY GenZ, I also would most probably set them to SPAM! Hahahaha.

Yah, yah, I am no longer in my forties but am now into my fifties, so I can now be considered a wise old man or a grumpy old man, hahaha. And this old man (me lah) don’t give a shit about what others think, especially those who are unable to show love and gratitude. And i really really cannot “tahan” people with negative energy.



In February 2018, I decided to start a maiden project to reward my die hard followers who had faith in me. As I expected, many of my followers are just after FREE info and do not appreciate what they have been taught by me. However, those who buta-buta took the leap of faith in me were rewarded BIG time. For example, from earning RM100 cash back per month, I taught them how they can earn more than RM500 per month in cash back OR accumulate Air Miles faster than they could ever imagine – all this without needing to spend more.

I was still publishing articles to teach my die hard penyibuk followers on how to earn air miles so that they can fly First Class. If you notice, in previous years, I only stress on Business Class but this year (2018), I am stressing on First Class. It is very easy to earn enough air miles to fly First Class if one spends close to RM60K per year with the AMEX or RM100K in total with AMEX/Visa – that’s if you are holding the right credit cards based on your spending pattern.

BUT in June 2018, two followers pissed me off. I was trying to help a person on how to earn more air miles from his spending pattern and he pulak scolded me. Another person made a sarcastic comment as to why I’m an Enrich Miles lover (which can be very very good if you know how to utilize them and of course you need the right credit card – I can get 12% returns with Enrich Miles).

In respect of the above, i realized again (hit me again) that many of my followers are ungrateful people and therefore I shall no longer teach just anyone how to fly First Class for FREE. I now only teach others how to fly First Class for FREE if they have faith in me and more importantly are grateful to me. Moreover, I really pity those who use their Air Miles (regardless what airlines’ air miles) to redeem for Economy Class ticket. So I started Project 2.0. Those who have faith in me once again benefited big time from my teachings.

However, not all my die hard followers are Premier Credit Card holders. So I designed another new Project called 3.3 to help those who do not spend more than RM40K per year to be able to fly First Class in 2 years time. But I guess God really wanted me to help those in my Project 3.3; because he showed me the path on how they can fly first class in 1 year instead…. this led me to introduce another improved version which I called Project 3.8.

Project 0.0 aka Project Love & Gratitude

One of my long time followers missed the opportunity to join my Project 1.0 (closed – I’m no longer accepting anyone into this maiden project). But he never complains or begs me for the password as he understood clearly that if one missed the boat to join any of my Projects, it is water under the bridge. However, he did suggest that I should start Project 0.3, hahahaha.

In respect to the above paragraph, I thought about what he said and many do Private Message me and humbly request that they be given the opportunity to join my projects.

Then yesterday, a long time die hard supporter (in his late twenties or early thirties, who holds a Masters in Engineering, runs his own businesses and has the Maybank 2 Cards Premier) informed me that my articles on Life is priceless compared to any First Class tickets. He told me that whatever I wrote on Life is all true as he is experiencing it now – he has also come to the same conclusion as me – the ultimate goal in life is not accumulating money BUT accumulating priceless fond memories.

I tell you, when you and I are old and useless, money if of no importance but fond memories is what we cherish most. We must die happy!!!

So once again out of Love & Gratitude, I have decided to launch Project 0.0.

However, there is a big difference between Project 0.0 compared to my other current projects (level 1.0 and above). In Project 0.0, I will start from the very beginning again where I will publish freaking long winded articles (like this one, hahaha) related to Life and not so much about credit cards. The timing could not be better as this year GenZs are turning into adults; thus some of them may start reading my articles soon.

Moreover, not all my followers earn more than RM36K per year in order to qualify for credit cards from more than 2 card issuers (banks) in accordance to BNM ruling.

In view that the new government may impose RM25 on each credit card effective 1st September 2018; we have to be very selective on what credit cards we should hold.

Project 0.0, I am going to train a new generation of  experts on how to optimize earning free stuff from right left and centre (not necessarily from credit cards as it may be obsolete in a few years time) and more importantly, about the power of Love & Gratitute.

Basically, one’s needs in life is dependent on one’s age:

Age 0 to 1 – eat, shit and sleep only.

Age 1 to 7 – eat, shit, sleep and some entertainment plus they are instilled believes according to their parent’s believe and environment.

Age 7 to 18 – eat, shit, sleep, entertainment and more entertainment. Sometime during their teenage years, they think they are smarter than the parents.

Adult 18 to 30 – accumulation of knowledge and wealth. And this age, they believe they are smarter than their parents and everyone else. What they want is a new gadget every year and drive at least a MyVi. They think they are super human beings, i.e. no need to sleep or eat but party all night also can. Lack of sleep and a proper diet will lead to health problems later.

Adulthood, prime age 30 to 40 – career picking up and earning big bucks. Still lack of proper diet and sleep as busy chasing after money (not wealth as they are sacrificing their health). Also at this age they once again start to appreciate their parents as they now face problems with their own children.

Age 40 to 50 – Peak of their careers. Net worth easily RM1M above if you are a graduate. But health issues start to crop up. It is also at this time that they realize what their parents told them about taking care of their health and about life is all true.

Age 50 to 60 – Net worth much much more but health issues also more. They wish they had listened to their parents. Also at this age, if one is fortunate enough to realize that money does not equate happiness, they will take actions to rectify their situation else they will be controlled by money until the day they die.

Age 60 to 70 – they come to realize that life is one BIG LAN PAH, PAH LAN! All start regretting about what they should or should not do. All realize that money does not make life better but is the root of many problems.

Age 70 and above – Now cannot walk properly, cannot eat properly, cannot shit properly, cannot sleep properly…….. also realize that all the money they have saved and properties/assets they own can’t guarantee them  a place in heaven. So because they are afraid to go to hell, suddenly they become angels and start doing charity work and are generous in donating money here and there, hahaha.

In a nut shell – Life is just to eat, sleep and shit; everything you do between these 3 actions will be of no significance eventually as you return back to nothing. Life is a BIG LAN PAH, PAH LAN! But of course you cannot comprehend this until you experience it yourself as you grow older. Well, in Project 0.0, I am going to prepare you on what to expect in life and show you the power of Love & Gratitude so hopefully you will die happy 🙂

If you think by you joining Project 0.0 you have access to my articles on Air Miles or you can disturb me on what to do with your Treats Points or Air Miles, you are highly mistaken. So if you are after FREE information in regards to air miles please do not waste your time.


Singing up for Project 0.0 (APPLICATION CLOSED )

Those of you who have been invited to join my previous Projets, I reserve the rights to ignore your PM just like you ignored me, hahaha.

In order to be a disciple of mine and be part of Project 0.0, they will be multiple verification steps. Before you even apply to join, here are the terms and conditions:

  1. You need to have an active Facebook account that was set up before 2017 and have more than 88 friends. This is so that I know you are not a fake. Don’t worry, I won’t be able to read your private posts as I cannot be your “friend” and I am not bothered with your personal life.
  2. Your facebook account has to have a photo of yourself. For whatever reason I doubt you, I will reject your application.
  3. I need to verify that you liked GenX GenY GenZ Facebook. Click here to learn more on how I verify that you are not from the darkside. No excuses will be entertained if you cannot even follow this simple rule.
  4. You must declare that you will not disclose any password that I provide to you to anyone including your parents, spouse, GF or BF now and forever.
  5. You shall not share any of my post at your Facebook Timeline. Whatever information I share with you is for your eyes only.
  6. You shall not comment at my Facebook. I want it clean. Penyibuks are not welcome this time as this time it is about Love & Gratitude.
  7. You have no rights whatsoever in regards to this Project 0.0 where only I reserve all rights and have absolute prerogative to accept anyone into the project or kick anyone out without any explanation whatsoever.
  8. You shall select LOVE if you read my FB posts. This is so that I can keep track of who is reading my post and who is not.


FB Love

So if you read every single word above and understand the contents, are humble, willing to give up your love of money and in search of Inner Peace PLUS can buta-buta follow my instructions, you are most welcome to submit your application to join Project 0.0 by Private Messaging me with your Personal Statement (yeah it is just as tough to be part of my project then entering a World’s Top Uni because what I will teach you will be more valuable than money).


Below are examples where you application to join Project 0.0 will be automatically rejected and no explanation will be given.

Facebook MEssage Reject

Facebook Timeline Reject


If I cannot verify that you have Liked me, even if you want to give me RMx,, your application will be ignored.

Like Cannot verify

Below is an example where I can verify when you Liked me and therefore you may proceed to to Step 2 Verification where you will need to make a Declaration.


Like Since

Facebook OK