Ultimate Cakes

Banana Toffee Palova

My eldest son once again made a cake and this time for his younger brother’s birthday đŸ™‚

Ultimate Cake Palova Banana Toffee.jpg

Barbie Birthday Cake Sep 2019

I am in Melbourne now and my cousin who resides in Melbourne invited us for dinner to celebrate her daughter’s 6 years old belated birthday party this weekend.

When my daughters were young, my wife used to make Barbie birthday cakes for them. So my wife decided made a Barbie cake again for my cousin’s young daughter đŸ™‚

Cake in progress – chocolate cake to the left of the doll covered with pink icing:

Barbie Cake 1.jpg

Barbie Cake 2.jpg


My wife’s masterpiece completed:

Barbie Birthday Cake 1.jpg


Barbie Birthday Cake 4.jpg

Barbie Birthday Cake 2.jpg

Barbie Birthday Cake 3.jpg


Durian cake made by my wife for my mum’s birthday on 9th Day of CNY 2019:


Durian cake with my youngest daughter’s Chanel Wallet On Chain

Jelly Koi fishes with lychess for CNY:


My wife made the beautiful birthday cake below for my sis in January 2019:


Below are photos of cakes which my wife made for my daughters in 2018:

Birthday Cake 2018 with Chanel Flap Limited Edition

October 2018 – Coffee Caramel Crunch with Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake for my older daughter with her Chanel Flap handbag.

Birthday Cake 2018 with Chanel Boy Red

September 2018 – youngest daughter 18th Birthday with my wife’s Chanel Boy

Below are cakes made by my son! He has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from a USA Top 10 Engineering  Uni, a Masters in Engineering from an Ivy League Uni and his 3rd degree, Doctor of Medicine from a World’s Top 50 Med School in Australia. He’s now (2019) attached to a hospital in Australia.

Caramel Popcorn Ferrero

Caramel Popcorn Fererro Tiramisu

Fruit Blast wastermelon lycee strawberry

Fruit Blast – Strawberries, Lychees and Watermelon in the middle

Pavlova Heaven.jpg

Pavlova Heaven

Tiramisu in the Wild.jpg

Tiramisu In The Wild

Mango Delight

Mango Delight November 2018

Mango Delight 2.jpg

Mango Delight layers

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