Ultimate Cakes

Below are photos of cakes which my wife made for my daughters recently:

Birthday Cake 2018 with Chanel Flap Limited Edition

October 2018 – Coffee Caramel Crunch with Chocolate Drip Birthday Cake for my older daughter with my daughter’s Chanel Flap

Birthday Cake 2018 with Chanel Boy Red

September 2018 – youngest daughter 18th Birthday with my wife’s Chanel Boy

Below are cakes made by my son! He has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from a USA Top 10 Engineering  Uni, a Masters in Engineering from an Ivy League Uni and by end of this year, his 3rd degree, Doctor of Medicine from a World’s Top 50 Med School in Australia.

Caramel Popcorn Ferrero

Caramel Popcorn Fererro Tiramisu

Fruit Blast wastermelon lycee strawberry

Fruit Blast – Strawberries, Lychees and Watermelon in the middle

Pavlova Heaven.jpg

Pavlova Heaven

Tiramisu in the Wild.jpg

Tiramisu In The Wild