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My Economy Class Travel Report With Malaysia Airlines November 2018

I flew to Melbourne on 20th November 2018 with Malaysia Airlines on Economy Class and scheduled to fly back to KL end of December 2018. This said return ticket was bought early in the year when Malaysia Airlines had a sale and it cost me about RM1.8K only.

FYI, Malaysia Airlines Economy Class seating configuration for the KL/Melbourne route on the Airbus A330 is now 2+4+2 and I like to have a window seat.

As you may be aware, we can choose our seats for FREE when flying with Malaysia Airlines upon Web Check-In up to 48 hours before the flight. When I Check-In 40 hours before my flight, I was assigned to the “centre” of the middle row seat (Row 36D)! And to my surprise I only had one alternative seat to choose from and luckily it as an aisle seat at Row 26C. So I switched.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 Seating.jpg

At the Gate while I was about to board the plane, I was told that I have to switch seat!!! I was like, WTF, are they going to put me in the middle seat again? But to my delight, Malaysia Airlines reassigned me to 11K which is a window and Bulk Head Seat 🙂

Malaysia Airlines Bulk Head Seat Is So Freaking Spacious

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