Maybank Treats Points Total Tally Error In Your Maybank2U Account


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Online Banking and Mobile Apps

For years I have been telling you guys to be super kiasu when it comes to online banking matters. I have reiterated many times that I have separate computers for different purposes, i.e. one computer and iPad for surfing the internet and 2 other computers (one in KL and one in Melbourne) purely for internet banking and nothing else. Not only that, I DO NOT perform any online banking with my mobile phone.

Many of you use your Smartphone(s) to surf the internet. However, if you are using your smartphone for online banking, I guess you are not a kiasu person and have not heard that Smartphones and Mac Books are also prone to virus attacks. Moreover, if you connect to a public wi-fi, all your details can be compromised.

Then again, our home Wi-fi can also easily be hacked where it is damn easy to get the password to connect to your home wi-fi. Nothing is safe nor private nowadays with the internet.

I hate to use Apps on the Smartphone as they are prone to bugs. Therefore, I do not log in to any of my Banking Accounts via Smartphone.

I tell you, you should never change/modify your flight details with AirAsia App if you are just purely checking out the prices and have no intention to modify your flight details. All I will say is this – if you can use desktop to perform something, DO NOT USE APPs.

Maybank2U New Interface Is Also Full Of Bugs

Anyway, one of my project members messaged me to inform that his Treats Points do not tally when he added up all his Treats Points when he used Maybank2U NEW Interface, i.e. not App. See image below:

Maybank Treats Points Total Tally Different 2.jpg

So, he emailed Maybank Customer Service and below is the reply he received:

Maybank Treats Points Total Tally Different 3.jpg


As you can observe from above, NEW is not necessarily good. Don’t Fix It If It Is Not Broken……… Always you the Classic Maybank2U.

I tell you, you must not log in to your banking account via your smartphone because it will become a habit and when you receive fake SMS or Email or even WhatsApp, you would then automatically click on the link to a phishing site and end up with a big headache. Want to be kiasu, be kisau to the max and don’t compromise on security matters just because you are lazy to log in to your computer dedicated purely for internet banking.

On behalf of all my followers, I thank the person who shared with me his experience on Maybank Mobile App.