CIMB Enrich Platinum World Elite MasterCard Revision 2019

CIMB Enrich credit cards are pretty good for those who are into accumulating Enrich Miles plus if gives you FREE access to Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge.

Until end of April 2019, CIMB is having a Sign Up For CIMB Enirch Credit Card Acquisition Campaign where one can earn up to 60K Enrich Miles with RM18K spending.

CIMB Enrich Credit Card FREE Enrich Miles Promo 2019

In order to earn FREE 60K Enrich Miles, all one needs to do is spend RM18K within 60 days from card approval date.

CIMB Enrich Credit Card FREE Enrich Miles Mechanics

The CIMB Enrich Platinum MasterCard is FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions…. that’s why I have it.

However, CIMB revised their Terms and Conditions for 2019 where they added a clause which can mean anything!!!

CIMB Enrich Credit Cards Terms and Conditions 2019

cimb enrich tnc

Take note of Clause (e) – Instalment Plans DO NOT earn you any Bonus Miles. So, if you are opting to buy a Rolex watch utilizing 0% Installment Plan, DO NOT USE your CIMB credit cards!!!

It gets worst, refer to Clause (f) – WTF does it mean? 3 simple words – Recurring payment transactions.

Well, I got bad news for you. One of my follower confirmed that he did not received any CIMB Bonus Miles for his insurance premiums in January 2019 auto-debited with his CIMB Enrich World MasterCard.

What the above means, I can safely tell you any auto-debits with your CIMB Enrich will most likely will not earn you any Bonus Miles. So if you are now currently auto-debiting your  Astro, Telcos, Broadband, IWK, etc with your CIMB Enrich credit card take note.

On the other hand, if CIMB wants to play dirty, if I were to go to McD everyday and pay with my CIMB Enrich credit card, it is also recurring transactions right?

If you ask me, forget about CIMB credit cards because you may end up earning nothing from your major expenses since CIMB can suka-suka use Clause (f).

You have been warned BUT if you stubborn and want to use your CIMB Enrich credit card, well….. you deserve to earn nothing, hahahaha.

Having said the above, if you are into Enrich Miles, I guess if you are planning to spend RM18K soon, say on furniture set costing RM18K, sign up for the CIMB Enrich credit card to earn 60K Enrich Miles and then you can cancel the card next year before the anniversary date, hahaha. On the other hand, if you are going to buy a Rolex watch costing more than RM18K – for the first RM18K maybe can use the CIMB Enrich and the balance amount use Maybank AMEX Reserve AND pay in full. Because, unless there is a promotion by Maybank, you also wont earn 5X TP if you opt for installment plan too!

And if you have the unless CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite, best you click here and read my review too.