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My Disciples Free Business and First Class Travel


Over the years, many of my followers have been taught how to fly Business Class for FREE by using the right credit cards. I would always advocate that my followers redeem for tickets to London/Europe as it gives us best value for our Enrich Miles. And if we want to fly to London tomorrow, it’s possible as we do not need a Visa unlike North America.

However, some of my followers are stubborn and would instead use their credit cards’ rewards points to redeem for Economy Class where I have over the years pointed out over and over again that it is a waste of time as the returns is really pathetic and they would be better off playing cash back credit cards or even redeeming for cash vouchers!!!

This year I have been promoting flying First Class for FREE instead of Business Class!!! Reason being, my Project members, aka disciples, earn FREE air miles from right, left, top, bottom and centre. So much so, some of them would burn their air miles flying First Class for FREE on short distance flights!!!

I have requested that they share with me photos of their flights for my record and also to share with my followers. I will start off with my recent FREE Business Class Melbourne to KL.

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