I Did Not Pay My CIMB CC Statement Balance Before The Due Date!

I just opened a letter and it was my CIMB Credit Card Statement. I have not been using my CIMB credit cards including the FREE FOR LIFE CIMB Enrich Platinum MasterCard.

Well, the Statement Balance showed RM25 (because of the stupid ST imposed by the PH government) BUT to my horror the Due Date was on the 3rd of May and today is 7th of May!!! Oh shit, it has been more than the 2 days grace period as per BNM guidelines, this  means technically I would be imposed Late Payment and interest too!

I immediately called CIMB Customer Service to tell them that I noted that the Statement Date was in mid April and my Payment Due Date has passed but I just received the letter. The guy then checked and confirm that there is only outstanding balance of RM25 in my credit card account.

I was kind of surprised and asked why there is no Late Payment? To my delight, the CS rep told me that they DO NOT impose Late Payment on SST! WOW! This is great.

I was not bothered to request that the SST be waived. Seriously, if you are benefiting from your credit card, donate lah the RM25 SST to the government which claims that they are bankrupt. And if you are not benefiting from a particular credit card, terminate it!

So, I asked the CS rep that if I were to make payment via Instant Transfer would he be able to see in CIMB’s system that I have made payment and he said YES! WOW!

I then asked if he could hold on while I Log On to another bank (not CIMB) Online Account and make Instant Transfer to my credit card account and he said YES again. Really nice guy.

In respect to the above, upon singing in to my Online Account,  I proceeded to make Instant Transfer of RM25 to pay off the stupid SST. Upon successful payment I then asked the CS Representative if he could see that payment has been made and he replied YES again! WOW! My CIMB Enrich Platinum MasterCard account once again showed RM0 Outstanding Balance.

I tell you, with bank Instant Transfer, it is damn cool.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I have not been using my CIMB Enrich Platinum MasterCard, not even once. However, I have used one of the 2 FREE Malaysia Airlines Lounge Vouchers (that came along with the FREE FOR LIFE CIMB Enrich Platinum) to allow my wife to enter MAS Golden Lounge at KLIA. Click here to read my report on my recent travel with Malaysia Airlines Business Class where it includes photos of the First Class Lounge at KLIA plus the different types of whiskies served on board my Business Class flight.