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Rolex Submariner 11610LV Kermit by DC

Below is an article by my Guest Columnist who managed to secure a Rolex Collector’s Watch, i.e. Submariner 11610LV aka Kermit.


Was called for business meeting in Germany hence the thought of getting a submariner in Europe has finally come into action!

Before 1 week departure of my trip to Europe, I did some homework and search for different Rolex authorized dealer in Germany/Austria/Swiss.. I am trying to get either submariner hulk, batman or pepsi.. After 30 calls to different outlets, I have actually gave up because these hot models are  out of stock worldwide and if one were to place booking, may have to wait up for another 3-4 years unless you’re VVIP to them…

Still, with hope, at the first few days in Frankfurt city, I walked into different outlets to try my luck, and all give me the same answer. So I was rather disappointing and thought I will never get one again….until I was walking pass a small shop – RIGHT IN FRONT the train station and I saw a rolex watch with green bezel.

I stop-by, and roll my eyes, and look again.

It’s a Rolex Submariner 11610LV Kermit, pre-owned, and the store owner just display this for 3 hours.. He is offering this beautiful piece of watch at  6,500 euro, 100% genuine !

This is definitely a steal, a quick search in chrono 24 for Kermit will be around 40-50k Ringgit !!

6500 Euro x 4.9 = 31,850 RINGGIT!!!!!!!

Rolex Submariner 11610LV Price in Malaysia Ringgit.jpg

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