Closing of GenXGenYGenZ.Reborn Instagram

It has been more than a year since I signed up for Instagram. However, I seldom post there but it was set up as a method for some of my followers to contact me.

As I have announced, I will stop blogging by end of this year and one thing for sure is that I will be closing GenX GenY GenZ Facebook.

However, GenX GenY GenZ dotcom will still exist for at least another year or maybe another 10 years as I am not willing to let go of the dotcom (do not renew the annual lease) and let some random person take over the dotcom domain and fool/scam others using that domain name and ruin the good name of GenX GenY GenZ which I have built into a reputable website for the last decade. Moreover, all my air miles tutorials and Project references are posted at GenX GenY GenZ dotcom for My Air Miles Disciples.

In respect to the above, if anyone message you that he/she is GenX from GenX GenY GenZ, it is a scam. You have been warned. The fact is ALL my die hard fans initiated contact with me via Facebook and no other place else. So once I close my GenX GenY GenZ Facebook, what it means is that, besides my super grateful disciples who are in my Die Hard Supporter List, no one else will be contacted by me under the name of GenX.

Since Instagram was the last social media account I set up, it will also be the first to go. Therefore, I hereby announce that GenX GenY GenZ. Reborn Instagram will be closed effective 18th October 2019. i.e. I will be deleting the App from my phone.

Now, I do have some advice for those of you posting photos at your Instagram, especially photos of your children.

All of us would like to share our joy including photos of our children with the world and our intentions are pure in doing so.

If your Instagram is Private and only your close relatives have access to it, then I think it is fine for you to post photos of your children.

HOWEVER, if anyone outside your immediate family can view your Instagram including your colleagues, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT POST PHOTOS OF YOUR CHILDREN.

In this digital world, once you post a photo on the internet, it becomes worldwide property and some a$$H0L3 may use the photo of your child for whatever.

In respect to the above, you should be protecting your innocent child’s privacy instead of sharing it with the world no matter how pure/good your intentions are.

Do you know that in Australia, parents are not even allowed to take photos of other children. For example, parents are not allowed to take photos of any performance during school concerts or any concerts that involve minors as they will be taking photos of other people’s children as well! And on the news, they cannot show the face of children (they will blur it) below the age of 18!!!

Same case, for Facebook, do not post photos of your innocent child/children if your Facebook is not Private where only your close family members have access.

Like I mentioned in my previous articles, best you take photo of your child with his/her grandparents and print hard copies… it will be priceless in the future 🙂