Overseas Data Roaming With Hello 1010 In 7 Continents

One of My Air Miles Disciples knew that I was going to Eastern Europe and presented me with a gift from Hello 1010 where I have 6 GB of data to use.

This particular sim card allows me data in 33 countries.

Gathering 1 Dec 2019 Sim Card Roaming

The moment I landed at Warsaw I inserted the Hello 1010 Sim Card into one of my phone and set it for Data Roaming. I then restart the phone and immediately I was connected to the internet 🙂

Initially I only had 3GB of data. In order to get another 3GB of Data all I had to do was buta-buta follow the instructions given:


I can’t read Chinese characters but I can match the characters right… easy. After I completed the instructions given I had another 3GB making it a total of 6GB for data roaming.

Check out Hello 1010 by clicking on the links below:

For Hello 1010 Malaysia website click here.

For Hello 1010 Singapore website click here.

For Hello 1010 Global customers, click here.

Hello 1010 allows you data roaming in 7 continents!


I have been using Hello 1010 sim card flawlessly and posting updates of my Eastern Europe trip, link below