I Flew With Malindo Air To Bali

I flew into Bali this morning with Malindo Air.


The first time I flew with Malindo was to Hanoi.

I prefer Malindo Air over AirAsia anytime because:

1. Malindo Air departs and lands at KLIA whereas AirAsia uses KLIA2 which is the worst modern airport where we need to walk and walk and walk and walk….

2. Malindo ticket prices are very competitive and sometimes if you include baggage, Malindo Air is even cheaper.

3. Malindo seat is really comfy and the leg room is fantastic when compare to AirAsia.

4. You can select seat for FREE when checking in 48 hours before departure.

5. Malindo Air also has free movies!!! Just make sure you bring your own headphones.




Ample leg room

I Was Conned By The Airport Taxi

Took an hour or so after landing only my luggage came out to the conveyor belt.

I then had to fill in an Custom  Declaration Form. Malindo Air should have given this form to us!

I decided to take the official airport taxi to my hotel. The girl at the airport counter told me it will cost IDR150,000 but when we reached the hotel the taxi driver demanded IDR200K!!!

Anyway, I was not surprised that I was conned, hahaha.

My Room



View from balcony where I can smoke 🙂

I am staying at Kuta/Legian Beach


Had tea at Coffee Club overlooking the beach.




After tea we walked to a nearby shopping mall called Beachwalk. It is just like any shopping mall in KL but much smaller than MidValley or 1U.

Saw a G-Shock which I like and thought it be nice for CNY – Ang Ang Bo Hai Lan 🙂 But I already have 5 Casio watches so took a missed on this model.


Love & Gratitude leads to Inner Peace

I came across a very unique statue of Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) embraced by Dragon and Phoenix.


And also 2 signages. The first one is common, where it states the 5 elements; i.e. Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water.


What really caught my attention was the second signage. Like I been telling you guys, if you practice Love &Gratitude, it will lead you to Inner Peace (peace, tranquility and happiness) and you will have a wonderful stress free live on planet earth. I tell you, stress will cause you health issues later on in your life. The sooner you practice Love & Gratulitude, the sooner you will experience miracles and wonderfull things happening in your life.


Once you practice Love & Gratitude, you will not have animosity or hatred or negative energy but will understand everything happen for a reason and what you think is a bad omen is actually a blessing in disguise.

However most people are self centred, calculative  and greedy (they expect a reward or must get some form of benefit from their actions). Well this people is just creating stress for themself and nothing good comes out from greed.

Only those who perform sincere actions from their heart without expecting anything in return will be blessed, i.e. earning positive karma points and will have a blessed life.

As you are aware, I am on a mission in Bali attending an event where the participants are wonderful people that help others out of compassion from their hearts.

The hotel I am staying in has different dance performance daily. Yesterday, the dance had Italian, Spanish, French themes and ended with YMCA. Today it was all traditional dance. Below are some photos of a dance performance that was presented during my dinner today.




Look as his eyes.

Multi Million Rupiah Dinner

My wife is with me in Bali. So I googled where to eat for out last night in Bali and decided to go to Teatro Gastroteque for fine dining.










Smoke Quail Egg with Caviar and Gold Pepper


Tempura Blue Swimmer Crab







Ravioli with Squid Ink. The micro cauliflower was good.




Beef Consummè




More Sweets


All in all we got to taste 21 flavours. I also ordered a glass of red wine. The total damage to my pocket was 6 figures, i.e. IDR2,165,000.

Use Grab in Bali!

As mentioned earlier in this article, I was conned by the taxi driver where he chrageed me IDR200,000 for the ride from the airport to my hotel in Legian Beach.

I wanted to support to local taxi industry but looks like it was a bad mistake. So for the rest of my trips in Bali I used Grab linked to my AMEX Rerserve and pay for the rides. At least I will know the cost upfront and the best part is I earned 1 air mile for every RM1 spent with Grab!!!

As for the price of the Grab Ride from my hotel to the airport to catch my flight back to KL, it only cost me IDR58K plus another IDR5K to enter to airport. Total IDR 63K which is 1/3 what I paid to the official airport taxi!!!

Grab Bali to Airport.jpg