The Most Elegant Lady Rolex That Can Be Worn Daily For Any Activity – Rolex DateJust 31mm Stainless Steel Blue

Besides Rolex sports model watches (e.g. Rolex Pepsi and Submariner), the Rolex Datejust 41mm with Blue Dial is one of the most sought after watch on planet earth. Actually, any stainless steel Rolex Datejust 31mm or 41mm with white gold bezel and Blue Dial without any diamond are in great demand, so much so you can hardly find one in any authorized Rolex Dealer’s showcase.

Rolex DateJust 31mm Stainless Steel 1

If you had visited a Rolex authorized dealer in KL, for the past months, there are hardly any stainless steel Rolex 31mm with white gold bezel and without any diamond in their showcases. You may see a few 28mm with the smooth dome bezel. What this means is that the Rolex Stainless Steel DateJust 31mm with white gold bezel without any diamond in Jubilee Bracelet is in great demand nowadays as ladies prefer it over the 28mm.

Before Christmas, I did ask my regular salesgirl if they can reserve the Rolex Datejust 41mm or 31 mm Stainless Steel in Blue and I was told that it is quite impossible as it was in great demand. She also told me that many of her  customers as pissed off at her as they can’t get the Rolex watch that they want due to lack of stock, hahaha. What this means is that many people are still buying Rolex but only selected models.

Anyway, one of my followers went to Thailand and while waiting to take her flight back to KL, she dropped by the Rolex Boutique at Bangkok airport and was surprised to see the Rolex Datejust 31mm in Stainless Steel with White Gold Bezel in blue or black dial!

Rolex DateJust 31mm Stainless Steel Blue Black Dial

IIn addition to the above two watches, they also had the Rolex Air King an Sea Dweller in stock. For your info, the Rolex Air King price was TBH197,900.

I guess with the Covid-19 outbreak, there are less tourist to anywhere and therefore the probabilities of you seeing sports models Rolex watches at a Rolex dealer have increased. And with oil prices and the stock market crashing (as of March 2020), the probability of a global recession looks likely in the coming near future. BUT those of you who are cash rich, it is a good time to walk into Rolex Boutiques whenever you come across one and you never know, you may get the Rolex watch that you have always wanted waiting for you in the showcase.

Coming back to the Rolex Datejust 31mm Stainless Steel with White Gold and Blue Dial, it is really beautiful in real live. Below is a photo taken by my follower where she wore the most elegant but yet hardy Rolex watch which can be worn for any occasion including to a dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant or while washing the dishes.

Rolex DateJust 31mm Stainless Steel Blue Dial

However, she did not buy the watch!!! Reason being it was “expensive” because of our weak Ringgit.

As you all know, the MYR has been weakening against USD and Thai Baht too. With the oil price collapsing on 9th March 2020, the Ringgit has weakened further. The above mentioned said beautiful Rolex was selling for THB240K (before discount) in Bangkok airport and when converted, it is more than RM31K (on 8th March). FYI, today is 10th of March and our Ringgit has weakened further where TBH240K is now more than RM32K!!!.

The same follower mentioned above did check out the price the Rolex Datejust 31mm SS at KLIA Duty Free Rolex Boutique in January where it was selling for RM27K. So she thought she try her luck again at KLIA.

So in the end my follower did not get the watch and lost the opportunity to own one of the most sought after “Ladies” Rolex watch on planet earth. But then again, she is not really a fan of Rolex, hahaha. The only reason why she went to the Rolex Boutique is to check out what Rolex models are available and take photos so that I  can share with you guys and now you know you can get it in Bangkok airport 🙂

In respect to the above, I would like to thank my follower of taking the trouble to visit the Rolex Boutique in Bangkok Airport and taking photos of the Rolex watches and reporting the prices.