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I Gave My Son My Favorite Rolex Watch And He Changed To Oyster Bracelet To Horween Leather Strap

I love the Rolex Air King because I do not need to waste my time adjusting the date!!!

And I know 2 of my followers were also blessed to have secured the Rolex Air King for themselves 🙂

All 3 of us paid retail price for the Rolex Air King 116900, i.e. less than RM30K.

Today, because of the demand for Rolex watches, the price of the Rolex Air King is selling at ridiculous price in the second hand market. I tell you, it does not make sense paying ridiculous price for a watch which is basically history and just a toy! All of us have smartphones that can do much more than a watch!

Basically wearing a Rolex watch is just to shiok sendiri and fools keep their Rolex watch in the save and die without wearing it to shiok sendiri, hahaha.

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Also, today, the Rolex Air King model is m126900

However, because of the smooth bezel, I will tend leave scratches the watch bezel. Therefore before there are more scratches, I gave my eldest son my Rolex Air King 116900.

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