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The Hunt For TWO Rolex GMT Master II Batman 116710BLNR by DC


Managed to collect my 116710BLNR two days ago from Poland and almost waited half year for it. I actually bought two Rolex Batman, i.e. 1 for me and 1 for my wife!

Half year ago, I was in Poland for business and one of my business partners (local polish) brought me to his regular Rolex AD store for watch hunting.

Being a loyal customer to this Rolex AD store (my business partner), we negotiated and the store manager finally accepted USD2K as deposit for 2 Batmans (one for me and one for my wife). The manager told me that I may have to wait 1 – 2 years for the Rolex Batmans, however he promised to keep for me as I’ve paid for the deposit.

Half year later I receive a call from Poland and they told me I am very lucky, as the watches arrive earlier than expected and gave me additional 5% discount! Very kind of the store manager.

So here comes the problem, they called me on January 2019 and I actually don’t have plan to fly to Poland as there was no business at that moment…. Then I called them up and request they keep it for me until March. Initially I thought they are going to reject this idea because this is a hot model, but to my surprise they actually kept the two Rolex Batman for me!!

So here comes March 2019, I use my FREE Air Miles to redeem a ticket from KL-Warsaw- KL thanks to my awesome Maybank 2 Cards Premier for this short trip getaway. I swiped approximate MYR80k (including taxes) for the 2 watches in Poland, and earn back 70K air miles (after tax rebate)! Thanks to Maybank 2 Premier and Sifu GenX, this trip is literally free!

Being a disciple of Sifu GenX, I literally get to fly Poland for free and enjoy this getaway!

Some beautiful view of Warsaw …


Warsaw 2.jpg

Local polish dish! Pork knuckles + potatoes and reddish!

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