Fraud Cases Related To Mobile Accounts

I received a message from a Bro informing of another fraud case, this time involving his DiGi Account!

Below is his message which is self-explanatory:

Coda DiGi Fraud

I googled “Coda” and noted that CodaShop is related to purchasing “games”. So I clicked on CodaShop at google and indeed we can pay using our Celcom, DiGi, Maxis and UMobile!!! WTF.

CodaPay with Maxis DiGi Celcom

So Bros and Sis, you better pay attention to your mobiles bills/accounts.

With TELCOs permitting our mobile phone accounts to be use for payments without our consent, we are at risk, I am not talking about just CodaShop but ALL type of payments with our mobile phone account(s).

So to prevent our mobile phone accounts from being used for fraudulent transactions, the same Bro mentioned above advised the following:

Call your TELCO and instruct them to bar all 3rd party billings and payments.

Above advise is really good and you should take immediate actions for your own good. You have been warned!