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The Best eWallet In Malaysia 2019 Is Now Unbeatable

Nowadays we have so many eWallets or digital contact-less payment methods. And just like credit cards, we need the right eWallets (more than 1) depending on our spending pattern. Some of the popular eWallets in Malaysia are:

  • AliPay
  • Apple Pay
  • Big Pay
  • Boost App
  • Fave
  • Grab Pay
  • Lazada
  • Razer Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • TouchNGo
  • WeChat Pay
  • plus other minor players.

Of all the ewallets mentioned above, Grab Pay and Boost offer the best returns.

Grab Pay is great if you are into air miles.

Boost App on the other hand are for Cash Back Fans where anyone can earn cash back even without having a credit card.

In early March, there was a complain by a Boost App user that her Boost Account had been hacked and she lost a few hundred Ringgit.

However, in mid March 2019, something amazing happened! You see, Boost App, which I have bestowed the title of the Best eWallet App in Malaysia became unbeatable!

Firstly, Boost now requires One Time Password sent to our phone when we Top Up with our credit card or debit card. This security feature is excellent as it addresses previous lack of security issue.

I am now going to teach the working Rakyat who are trying to stay afloat on how they can earn more than 5% cash back from their essential expenses.

How To Save More Than 5% From Your Essential Expenses

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