Covid-19 Activities Risk Level

I just read an article about the risk level of contracting the coronavirus titled From hair salons to gyms, experts rank 36 activities by coronavirus risk level at Michigan Live.

Below are parts from the above said article:

Bars – Risk level: 9

So, after work you better head home and not go for happy hour.

Large music concerts – Risk level: 9

Sports stadiums – Risk level: 8

Gyms – Risk level: 8

Similar to singing, people emit more respiratory secretions when working out and breathing heavily……  It’s also tough to work out while wearing a mask and can be difficult to distance, the experts said.

Amusement parks – Risk level: 8

Churches – Risk level: 8

Some of the early coronavirus spread has been tied to churches…

Remember my article titled Mystery of the Silent Spreaders. You can be infected by simply be present in the same location as an infected person hours later.

Buffets – Risk level: 8

Previously I have also shown you a video on a study done by Japanese which shows how germs can spread to everyone in a buffet.

Basketball – Risk level: 7

Public pools – Risk level: 7

Schools – Risk level: 7

Children may not be greatly affected by the covid-19 but they can always bring the virus back home and infect others who are vulnerable.

Casinos – Risk level: 6

Restaurants, indoor seating – Risk level: 6

Playgrounds – Risk level: 6

Hair salons, barbershops – Risk level: 6

The nature of haircuts and hairstyling make social distancing impossible.

To make hair places less risky, masks should be required for all customers and staff and the waiting area should be closed to make people wait outside or in their vehicles.

Emig also recommends going to a place that doesn’t use hairdryers, as that could potentially circulate the virus inside. Older people and others at a higher risk for COVID-19 should get a first-in-the-morning appointment, which is when the salon or barbershop should be the most virus-free.

Pontoon boat rides – Risk level: 6

Dinner parties at a house – Risk level: 5

Airplanes – Risk level: 5

the issue is most people don’t wear masks correctly. And plane trips can bunch lots of people together for long periods of time – which is why she believes airplanes are higher risk.

Malls – Risk level: 5

Beaches – Risk level: 5

Dentist’s offices – Risk level: 4

Dentists already wear masks and will likely wear extra protective equipment like surgical masks and shields to keep themselves protected. Emig, however, was the one expert to say going to the dentist has a higher risk than getting a haircut.

“Dental cleaning aerosolizes what’s in your mouth,” Emig said. “If somebody unknowingly has the infection, that virus is going to get aerosolized.”

The difficulty is, if you’re a patient who’s coming into the room 20 minutes after a cleaning has been done on somebody who didn’t know that they carried the virus, you’re going to be walking into that room and breathing that virus,” Emig said.

Put in this way, Dentists are wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which means they know they are in a highly contagious working environment. So why you want to enter a highly risky area and open your mouth and let the virus enter your body?

Walking in a busy downtown – Risk level: 4

Walking around downtown carries a lower risk because it’s outside and you don’t have to be exposed to any given person for very long – and can steer clear of non-masked people.

But if it’s particularly crowded, it could still be a problem.

“Anything with crowds is bad. Try to avoid crowds,” Sims said. “We’re going to need to learn to thin out the crowds.

Offices – Risk level: 4

The experts say it’s still safer to work from home, though, since being around people for eight or 10 hours increases risk.

Doctor’s office waiting rooms – Risk level: 4

Eating outside at a restaurant – Risk level: 4

Getting groceries – Risk level: 3

Grocery stores are adding lots of new precautions to keep from becoming a virus-spreading zone. But they’re another place where masking is key.

Camping – Risk level: 3

Hotels – Risk level: 3

The biggest risks at hotels are at check-in time and any other time people might congregate – like breakfast. Try to find a hotel that has contactless check-in, Emig said, to lower your risk.

Golfing – Risk level: 3

If you ask me, don’t even enter the locker room and head home right after your game and not hang around with your friends for drinks or chit-chatting.

Libraries and museums – Risk level: 3

Going for a walk, run or bike ride with others – Risk level: 2

Walking, running and biking on trails poses a low risk, because you don’t come into contact with many people and aren’t near them for long. The risk increases if you’re with a larger group of people who are close together and not wearing masks.

When you’re working out and breathing harder, you’re spewing more of those respiratory secretions and potentially the virus into the air, he said.

Getting fuel – Risk level: 2

While in theory, the virus can stay on the handle of the gas pump from the previous customer, the virus is mainly spread through the air via close contact with people, the experts said.

Getting takeout from a restaurant – Risk level: 1

Playing tennis – Risk level: 1

There’s also little concern with playing tennis, the experts said. Spacing is part of the game, it’s typically outdoors and there’s only two to four people on a court. While some sports activities cause concern for the health experts, tennis is not one of them.

Once again, I recommend you do not enter the locker rooms and go home straight after your game.


As you can see from above, there are no ZERO risk!!! You are at risk (of catching the virus and spread it to your loved ones) every time you go out including walking at the park.

Avoid crowds and close spaces (e.g. dentist, malls, offices, churches, etc). Always remember the report at BBC titled the Mystery Of The Silent Spreaders and you will know it is not safe anywhere you go as you do not need to be face to face with a person who is infected but merely your present in the same location hours later is also very dangerous.

Last but not least, wear mask and wash your hand with soap frequently.

There is also another report on the dangers of hand sanitizers. I will just tell you that if you are a smoker, be extremely careful when using alcohol based sanitizers as they are flammable. For non-alcohol base hand sanitizers, make sure you know what are the contents as some of them use a very strong anti-bacterial chemical which can absord through the skin and it is cancerous.