Chanel Handbag Official Prices In Malaysia and Worldwide

During the covid-19 lock down, most places were offering discount for this and that BUT Chanel on the other hand increased the prices of their handbags!

And I am sure you guys know that Chanel and LV handbags are never on sale but their classic handbag prices just keep inflating every year. Yes, the key word is Classic.

For those of you who are new to Chanel, when a woman says she has a Caviar Chanel, it means the leather of her bag is from Grained Calfskin. Lambskin on the other hand is smooth leather.

If you want my opinion, the best Chanel handbag to buy is from their Classic range. Why? Because 5 years down, the same model handbag will still be available at all Chanel Boutiques but the price would have increased tremendously….. just like Rolex watches. Therefore, you get to shiok sendiri knowing you made the smart move to buy the classic handbag years earlier and saved a few thousand Ringgit.

You can now buy luxury brand handbags online including Louis Vuitton in Malaysia!!!

Louis Vuitton Official Handbag Prices Online Ship to Malaysia

However, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are of different class……. my dad says LV is for secretaries whereas Chanel is for lady bosses, hahahahaha. But I guess it is because LV designs are more trendier and therefore attract younger buyers.

I used to buy LV handbags for my wife too and one of them was the limited edition LV water color speedy. Below is a photo taken years ago of my beautiful fair slim wife with her Limited Edition Richard Prince Watercolor Aquarelle Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 Bag.

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Water Color Speedy

I just googled and a second hand Limited Edition LV Watercolor Speedy 35 is being sold for USD3,985 at ebay – that’s more than RM16K!?

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Richard Prince Watercolor Aquarelle Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 Bag for sale

You can’t buy a new Chanel handbag online and there is always lack of stock for their iconic designs. Thus Chanel is more exclusive. And because Chanel is not selling online, their sales have been effected during the lock down. Click here to Reuters to read report titled Chanel warns virus impact will linger on luxury sector“We don’t intend, crisis or no crisis, to sell fashion, watches and fine jewellery online,” Blondiaux said. 

But did you know that you can check the official prices of Chanel handbags in Malaysia? All you need to do is visit

Below are prices of some Chanel Classic Handbags in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, London, and Italy:

Price of Chanel Small Classic Flap Handbag (14.5 x 23 x 6 cm):

Malaysia: starting from MYR26,020

Singapore: starting from SGD8,950 (or MYR27,476 based on SGD/MYR 3.07)

Australia: starting from AUD9,820 (or MYR28,478 based on AUD/MYR 2.9)

UK: starting from GBP4,820 (or MYR25,787 based on GBP/MYR 5.35)

Italy: starting from EUR5,500 (or MYR26,400 based on EUR/MYR 4.8)

Chanel Small Classic Flap Black Handbag Malaysia Price

I like the New 2 tone Gold and Silver Chanel Classic Flap

Price of Chanel Mid Size Classic Flap Handbag (15.5 x 25.5 x 6.5 cm):

Malaysia: starting from MYR28,620

Singapore: starting from SGD9,850 (or MYR30,239 based on SGD/MYR 3.07)

Australia: starting from AUD10,800 (or MYR31,320 based on AUD/MYR 2.9)

UK: starting from GBP5,300 (or MYR28,355 based on GBP/MYR 5.35)

Italy: starting from EUR6,050 (or MYR29,040 based on EUR/MYR 4.8)

Chanel Mid Classic Flap Black Handbag Malaysia Price


Price of Chanel Large Classic Flap Handbag (19.5 x 30 x 10 cm):

Malaysia: starting from MYR31,220

Singapore: starting from SGD10,740 (or MYR32,971 based on SGD/MYR 3.07)

Australia: starting from AUD11,780 (or MYR34,162 based on AUD/MYR 2.9)

UK: starting from GBP5,780 (or MYR30,923 based on GBP/MYR 5.35)

Italy: starting from EUR6,600 (or MYR31,680 based on EUR/MYR 4.8)

Chanel Large Classic Flap Black Handbag Malaysia Price

Price of Mid Size Boy Chanel Handbag (15 x 25 x 9 cm):

Malaysia: starting from MYR22,230

Singapore: starting from SGD7,650 (or MYR23,485 based on SGD/MYR 3.07)

Australia: starting from AUD8,390 (or MYR24,331 based on AUD/MYR 2.9)

UK: starting from GBP4,120 (or MYR22,042 based on GBP/MYR 5.35)

Italy: starting from EUR4,700 (or MYR22,560 based on EUR/MYR 4.8)

Chanel Boy Large Mid Small Handbag Prices UK Australia and Malaysia


So the cheapest place to get a Chanel is still in Europe where we can get tax refund (saving few thousand Ringgit) when we fly out of Europe to return to Malaysia. Sometimes the price of Chanel handbags can be cheaper in British Pounds (in UK) compared to Euro (in Italy) depending on the exchange rate versus Malaysia Ringgit.

The price of Chanel handbags are also dearer in Australia and Singapore compared to Malaysia but we do get GST Tax Rebate when we fly out.

However, the most important thing about buying a Chanel black classic handbag is not the price but whether there is stock! So if you have been wanting a particular Chanel Classic handbag in black caviar with gold hardware and you see it in a Chanel Boutique anywhere on earth, you need to purchase it immediately because it will be gone the moment you hesitate as there are many more people wanting it. If you visit the store the next day, the bag you desire, for example, the Classic handbag in black you saw a day earlier would have been sold out and you will have to wait for the next shipment to the store.

Say you are in London, and all the Chanel Boutiques do not have the particular handbag you are looking for. Always ask when is the next shipment, it may be tomorrow! So ask the Sales Associate what time you should visit the store and you may just be able to get the handbag you always wanted. Therefore, it is best to visit the Chanel Boutiques on the first day you are in London so that your chances are better instead of visiting a Chanel Boutique on the last day that you are in London. This recommendation applies to any city you are visiting.

My Wife’s Chanel Handbags

My wife has a few Chanel handbags. Her first Chanel flap handbag was bought in HK more than 8 years ago. And since then I have bought her more Chanel and other luxury branded handbags whenever we are in Europe.

Her first Boy Chanel was bought in Paris more than 5 years ago for less than RM15K. Today a Boy Chanel cost more than RM22K (mid-size). Below is a photo of my wife’s Red Boy Chanel:

Birthday Cake 2018 with Chanel Boy Red

The cake was designed and baked by my wife.

When we were in Europe last year, my wife wanted a black Chanel Coco handle handbag but we could not find any while we were in Italy for more than 10 days. Finally in London, after visiting 2 Chanel boutiques, she found a Chanel Trendy handbag (it has a handle like the Coco handle handbag) but had a hard time considering whether to purchase it over a Chanel Classic Flap Caviar in black with gold hardware which is also hard to come by (refer photo below). I was just grateful she finally made up her mind as we were scheduled to have dinner with my uncle and his wife and it was already 6pm. Click here to read My Europe Trip 2019 Part XVII – London Best Restaurant and Marie Kondo where we had to rush from a Chanel Boutique to Core, one of the best service I ever experienced in any restaurant and I highly recommend Core, a 2 Star Michelin Restaurant. After lunch we went to another Chanel Boutique where finally my wife found 2 handbags that she liked.


Chanel Trendy with handle and Chanel Caviar Classic Flap Handbag in Gold or Silver hardware July 2019 London

Anyway, I would buy my wife and daughters handbags (Chanel or whatever) while we are holidaying overseas. The reason is so that every time they see the handbags, it will bring back fond memories of our holiday together.

But this year, we won’t be traveling anywhere. I had to cancel my Round The World Trip last April 2020. Therefore, I guess I get to save some money this year because my wife can’t buy a new handbag overseas, hahahaha.

Click here to see my daughters’ Chanel Wallet On Chain and Chanel Flap Handbag which were bought in Paris while we were holidaying there few years back.

Click here to read My Europe Trip 2019 Part X – Girls’ Day At The Mall. Last year, my wife, my youngest daughter and I went to the Luxury Outlet Mall located about 1 hour bus ride from Florence, Italy. I tell you, whenever you enter any luxury outlet, always ask if they have any sale. My wife and daughter bought Bottega Veneta wallets for less than one third of the official retail price! And sometimes Prada may also have selected bags that are 50% off but you must always check because there may be defects. And for men, you must buy Armani shirts at the Luxury Outlet Malls.