Verification That You Are Not From The Dark Side

Nowadays, in order to read certain articles of mine, I must be able to verify that you have Liked GenX GenY GenZ Facebook before a certain Date.

Tip – DO NOT Like GenX GenY GenZ FB again else the date will be reset and then it is not my problem but yours………………………

Below are examples where you application will be automatically rejected and no explanation will be given.

Facebook MEssage Reject

Facebook Timeline Reject


If I cannot verify that you have Liked me, even if you want to give me RMx,, your application will be ignored.

Like Cannot verify

Below is an example where I can verify when you Liked me and therefore you may proceed to the next stage.


Like Since

Facebook OK

How To Set Your About Setting So I Can Verify You Are Not A Spy From The Dark Side

Many people have trouble complying to the above said requirement and therefore missed the opportunity to either participate in my  “Missions” or be granted password(s) to my exclusive articles.

Then again, some aunties can do it without any issues or guidance……….. so you young people no excuse.

Below is an example sent to me couple year ago on how to reset you About so that I can verify you.

About Like

A follower was so kind to take the trouble to give a brief Step by Step instruction  as to how you can easily “reset” your About setting so that I can see when you first Liked me. Therefore, you have no excuse anymore that you have no idea as to how to go about resetting your About Setting, hahaha.

About Settings on Likes

Another Tutorial By A Follower On How Set Your About Setting So That I Can Verify You

FB Steps 1

FB Steps 2

FB Steps 3

FB Steps 4


If you message me and I can’t verify you, then it is your problem not mine and your message will be ignored.