Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price Drop – Damn Cool Phone BUT….

As usual I have nothing to do and was browsing Lazada and saw that there was a Flash Sale for the Samsung Note 20 4G LTE which is like RM700 cheaper than Official Retail Price.

And I noted that it was being sold by Mobile Gadget so I visited the store….

Well, they are offering several Samsung models on Flash Sale

But then to my surprise I saw that they are selling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for RM3888, which is about RM2K cheaper than the retail price and it is not even on Flash Sale!

Below image shows the price of the Samsung Galaxy Flip at Samsung Official Store – RM5,888.00

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Once again Mobile Gadget is selling the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for RM2K less than Retail Price and if you check the details it is a Samsung Malaysia set!

I tell you, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip bring back lots of memories of my old Motorola and subsequently Samsung flip phones. For RM2K less than retail price, my backside started to itch….

So I google and came across the video below and I would recommend that you watch it too because after watching it, you most probably would not get a Samsung Flip Z or Fold anytime soon because finger nail can scratch the screen!!!

But if you do get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, make sure you install a screen protector! The newer Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has a screen protector and maybe the newer Z Flip too.

Anyway also watch the follow up video below.

I tell you, next time before we buy any phone, best we check out JerryRigEverything 🙂