How To Record Video Of Smartphone Screen Including Video Calls With Android Smartphones

As you guys know, I just got myself the Entry Level Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

As I was playing with it, I noticed that it came with a Video Screen Recorder built in! And then I checked my wife’s Huawei P30 and it also has the Screen Recorder Pre-Installed. However my Samsung M31 does not have it pre-installed.

Below are screenshots from my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite:

This is really nice. Now I can record videos of anything on my Samsung Note 10 Lite without needing to install a third party app that have irritating ads or collecting my data non-stop.

Well I prepared a video to guide you and to let you see this fantastic feature. Click on the image below to my YouTube video:

So with the Screen Record Video feature built into the Samsung Note, you can record WhatsApp Video Calls or anything that is shown on your smartphone screen. This is good as you can record your loved ones as you are talking to them and revisit the videos later when you miss them. HOWEVER, it can’t record WhatsApp Video Call sound!!!

There are many 3rd party video recorder that records sound for WhatsApp video calls. But please be informed that once you download an App and allow it access to your phone, your privacy is compromised!!! All Apps collect your personal data!!!

Having said the above, this Screen Record feature may also be dangerous if you are not aware that you are being recorded…. so don’t say or do anything stupid on video calls!!! And like I mentioned, there are many third party apps to record video with our smartphones and therefore the cheapest Android can also record videos!!! You have been warned.

Click here to watch my YouTube Tutorial On How To Record Video Of Whatever Is Shown On Your Android Phone Including WhatsApp Video Calls!