Converting Your Credit Card Reward Points to As Good As Cash

If you have signed up for TnG eWallet and other eWallets, you would be receiving news about them via emails. But how many of you actually read the emails? I don’t read the spams from Boost that’s for sure, haha.

Well, yesterday I read an email from TnG eWallet:

On the surface it does sound great that we can use our credit card reward points to redeem for TnG eWallet Reload PIN.

You see, once the amount is loaded into our TnG eWallet, it is as good as cash.

However, if you have lots of Credit Card Reward Points with CIMB, HLB, SCB and UOB where you only earn 1X Reward Point for every RM1 spent, it means you are not my follower and it’s time for you to be one and overnight become smarter by holding the right credit cards to maximize your returns!

Scroll down and click on Page 2 for your FREE tutorial where you will see that you have been a fool using CIMB, HLB, SCB and UOB Reward credit cards……