Aptera Solar Powered Car – Super Efficient Vehicle

Yesterday I was reading an article that Aptera, an electrical plus solar powered car is open for booking and expected to be launched in 2022 in the USA. You’ll be surprised to learn that this car is really affordable and the best part is that it uses the FREE energy from the sun.

With Solar Panels build into the car to harvest energy from the sun, it seems that a day of harvesting the sun’s energy is adequate to power the Artera for daily use up to 40 miles (64km). Good enough for me to go around town to do my errands.

And if you charge the Artera with with electricity over night from your home power socket, it can go up to 150 miles (241 km)!!!

Imagine no need to pump petrol……… how much money you can save…….which also means many countries’ depended on fossil fuel income are doomed!

I think the future of cars and even flying cars/drones will be powered by solar energy which is FREE and more importantly clean. The human race sooner or later will have to move toward clean energy as mother earth can no longer tolerate the harm from fossil fuels.

You must click on the YouTube link below and hear what the creators of Aptera have to say.

The car looks cool and I will definitely get the Aptera if it is available for me to purchase in Malaysia. I hope Tun M is reading this and if he becomes PM for the 3rd time, his national car project should be solar powered 🙂