TTRacing Swift X 2020 Gaming Chair Review – My New Stealth Chair

My old chair was literally disintegrating before my very eyes! The armrest plastic was peeling off piece by piece! Never had this happen before for my other chairs. Moreover, the screws were loose all the time and I had to manually tighten them so that the chair does not recline freely. Basically, God is telling me I need a new chair, haha.

So happened I was browsing Lazada and saw a Flash Sale deal on a chair by TT Racing. So I checked it out and read a review by a person that owns the TT Racing Swift X where he said that it was as good his Secret Lab chair!

Based on the above said review, I immediately ordered the TT Racing Swift X in Stealth.

In general there are 3 models called Surge, Swift X and Duo V3 where the Swift X is in the middle in terms of pricing.

At the time I ordered the TT Racing Swift X Gaming Chair, the price was stated as RM599 but there was a RM30 Discount Coupon by the seller. And it comes with FREE shipping.

As some of you know, I have been earning FREE Lazada RM50 vouchers from thin air BUT I could not use if I were to also use TT Racing RM30 Coupon Code. So I decided to save the FREE RM50 Lazada Voucher and opted to use the RM30 Seller Discount Coupon, thus I paid RM569 for the chair.

Below is TT Racing’s Swift X at Lazada where the price is stated as RM599. I guess if you want to get the chair, wait for them to offer a promo on it. If you refer to the above image, it was selling for RM569 back in January.

The TT Racing Swift X comes in several colour options:


As usual it was delivered in a box and I had to fix it myself which I hate to do so, haha.

The box was pretty heavy for me to carry it by myself but with 2 persons carrying it then it becomes manageable. The thing is, heavy is good because it means the stuff inside is of good quality material.

The items were packed well and there is even another small box labelled accessory.

Inside the Accessory box were the rollers, hydraulic thingy and some screws. Most of the other screws were already in the places there were supposed to be… impossible for a person to screw-up, hahaha.


Based on the instructions as shown below, it is really easy to assemble the chair.

However I had some problems at step 2 shown above as the sides had gaps. But after some trial and error (after installing the 2 screws partially, i.e. not tightening it to the max, on one side, I had to push it so that the screws on the other side can fit perfectly into the chair and then only tighten all 4 screws) I managed to solved it.

Once step 2 was done, the rest was really simple.

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