Shinobu 10 Years And Hibiki Harmony – Both Award Winning Japanese Whisky

Couple days ago I had nothing to do, so I checked out Dan Murphy’s website and to my surprise they have the Hibiki Harmony in stock at their Melbourne CDB outlet. Below is a photo taken with my phone camera:

As you can see from the above image, Yamazaki 12 Year is also available. I still have at least 4 bottles or maybe more of the Yamazaki 12 but I prefer the Hibiki Harmony anytime.

So, I immediately WhatsApp my older daughter in Melbourne and asked her to use her Supp Maybank Visa infinite and get me 3 bottles of the Hibiki Harmony.

My daughter happily went to Dan Murphy’s as per instructed and below are the 3 new bottles of my Hibiki Harmony 🙂

Cost me about RM1,800 for the 3 bottles of Hibiki Harmony and I also earned 1800 air miles since my daughter used her Supp Maybank VI.

After my daughter got the Hibiki Hamony for me, I visited Dan Murphys website again and the Hibiki Harmony was no longer in stock. So I told my daughter and she said she “gasak” all the 3 bottles on the shelf.

The thing is, prior to my daughter purchasing the 3 Hibiki for me, I also have 3 unopened bottles of the Hibiki Harmony in my collection in Melbourne, so now I have 6 unopened bottles in Melbourne.

Then I saw at Dan Murphys website the Shinubo 10 Years Pure Malt Whisky which is an award winning Whisky.

Below are parts taken from Shinubo Distillery website:

“SHINOBU” means “forbearance” in Japanese, symbolizing the spirit of a samurai, like making great spirits which takes time, patience and persistence.

List of Major Awards

  • Gold Medal in the ISC for SHINOBU 10YO
  • Double Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2020 for the SHIN Malt 10YO
  • Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2020 for the SHIN Malt & SHINOBU 10YO
  • Category Winner in the WWA 2020 for SHINOBU 10YO & 15YO
  • Gold Medal in the 76th WSWA 2019 for SHINOBU Blended
  • Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2019 for SHINOBU Blended
  • 1st Place Gold Medal in the IWC 2019 for SHINOBU Blended​

As you can observe from the above, the 10 Year Old Shibubo has numerous awards.

So I googled Shinubo Whisky Malaysia and noted that one shop was selling it for more than RM800.

I have never tried the Shinobu and since it was selling for about RM200 less in Australia compared to KL, I once again asked my daughter to get a bottle for me.

So now I have a new Japanese Whisky, i.e. Shinobu 10 Year Old Pure Malt Added to my Collection in Melbourne.

I also noted that the Shinubo was selling for less than RM800 at another site but it was sold out. As usual, when a particular whisky wins the World Best Whisky Award, the price shoots up…. maybe that is why it is selling for above RM800 today in Malaysia. Maybe I should ask my daughter to get me another Shinubo 10 Year Old from Dan Murphy’s before it is sold out and the new batch costing more…… also so that went I go to Melbourne I will open it to try it out.

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