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My Tokyo Trip 2019 Plus Tips On Stopover In Hanoi


I have been transiting at Narita Airport since the late 80s while I was still pursuing my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the USA; BUT I have never visited Tokyo city! Nowadays, I believe everything happens for a reason.

My daughter’s (my second child) convocation ceremony for her Master Degree was scheduled to be held on 28th May 2019 in Melbourne. However, I could only depart KL on 24th May and must arrive in Melbourne on 27th May 2019 so that I could attend the convocation ceremony the next morning.

Earlier in May, while I was looking at my options to fly to Melbourne from KL, somehow an opportunity arose that I could redeem a FREE Japan Airlines Business Class Sky Suite ticket from Narita to Melbourne. So, if God wants me to go to Tokyo that is what I shall do even if it is only for two nights 🙂

But my backside was itchy, instead of flying from KL to Tokyo, I decided to fly to Hanoi instead. From Hanoi I will then take a flight with Japan Airlines on Business Class to Narita, Tokyo where I will spend 2 nights before departing for Melbourne.

So, before I touch on my Tokyo Trip, I will first share with you guys some tips in the event you want to visit Hanoi for a few hours like I did.

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