Is The Husband Or Wife Smarter When It Comes To Cars Versus Chanel Bags?

Today I have a quiz for you to answer – who is smarter in the story below:

A lady wanted to buy a Japanese branded car because she is of the impression that it is better than our 2 national cars – i.e. Proton and Perodua.

Now the above mentioned lady is a reader of GenX GenY GenZ and have been taught:

  1. Pay as much as possible upfront to save interest on car loan.
  2. Sign up for shorter loan tenure to save on interest too.
  3. Be debt FREE sooner as possible as anything can happen in the future and we want financial freedom.
  4. Buying car is shiok sendiri. All Japanese cars are good in terms of saving money on maintenance but they are all tin cans. On the other hand, those who makes safety a top priority and have money to burn will get a Volvo or BMW.

Basically the lady has RM50K cash money to pay for part of the car price and the balance she is willing to take a loan of max RM50K for 3 years. Therefore she is looking for a car costing up to max RM100K.

The husband on the other hand insisted that his wife (the lady above) purchase the new Perodua Ativa using RM30K to pay for the car and balance RM31K with loan for 3 years.

Therefore the lady will have RM20K cash and also save money on the loan interest.

With the above said paragraph, the husband told the lady to get a Classic Chanel Flap Bag with Polished Gold Hardware which cost close to RM30K where the lady will use RM20K from her balance cash and the husband will top up RM10K for the bag.

So who is smarter? You can post your answer at my FB Comment Section for this article but only answer (1) Wife OR (2) Husband and nothing else unless you want to be banned.

So for those of you who are blur, like me teach you a thing or two about our National Cars and Chanel Classic Handbags.

There is no such thing as a new 100% Malaysia Designed or Made car today!!!!

First, Proton is now owned 49.9% by Geely Auto of China and the X70 and X50 are designed by the China company in China!

As for Perodua, below shows the shareholdings:

Sp from the above, Daihatsu Group (owned by Toyota) has 25% and Mitsui Group 5%. Therefore the Japanese has 37% of Perodua.

UMW has 38% of Perodua but Toyota also has shares in UMW. UMW Holdings Berhad largest shareholder is Permodalan Nasional Berhad with 57% of shares

Now here is the thing, the engines from Perodua are from Daihatsu Perodua Engine Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. which is 51% owned by Daihatsu! So Perodua cars’ engines are Japanese designed and Totota/Daihatsu has full control on the specifications and quality.

Click here to learn more about Perodua engines manufacturing plant.

Coming back to Perodua Activa:

The Activa is basically based on the Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize.

However, the Perodua Ativa and Daihatsu Rocky does have Malaysians involved in the design 🙂

Below statements (in italics) were taken from Paul Tan’s website:

Perodua president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad revealed that there are currently over 50 P2 staff living and working at Daihatsu in Japan, and they’re in the design and engineering divisions. Basically, there is Perodua input in this shared model, even in the JDM Rocky, so perhaps the resemblance to the Myvi – especially at the rear – isn’t coincidental.

the Rocky-Ativa was always meant to be a shared model, and P2 was involved in the development process when it started three years ago.

Click here to read about the Perodua Activa at Paul Tan

Click here for Perodua Ativa Video Review at Paul Tan which mentioned the Ativa includes blind spot and lane departure warning.

Basically every part that goes into a Perodua must have Toyota’s approval and therefore you are like getting a Toyota and that’s why there are so many Myvis on the road because they are basically a Toyota or Daihatsu, i.e. Japanese cars 🙂

But the thing is this, no matter what car you buy, the price will depreciate and the Perodua Activa may be only worth RM5K in 15 years time.

However for a Classic Chanel Flap in Black with Gold Hardware which cost about RM30K today, most probably you can sell it for more in 15 years time!

So which is a better investment? Car or a Chanel Classic Black with Gold Hardware?