Chinese Dramas and English Movies To Keep Yourself Entertained For FREE

Well, if you are under lockdown and got no idea what to do to entertain yourself, I have some recommendations to assist you in wasting hours by entering into another world 🙂

Since the first lockdown in March 2020, besides drafting articles for my blog, I have been spending hours and hours glued to my computer monitor screen watching movies and tv dramas.

As far as drama/tv series are concerned, I only watch English and Chinese dramas and since I hardly understand much Mandarin, I need English Subtitles, haha.

But before I start recommending any movies or dramas which can be watched online for FREE, if you are watching movies with your PC, I strongly recommend that your computer is installed with a good antivirus if you are one of those who google and then will visit any websites. Mosr of the online websites that allow us to watch FREE movies have viruses!!!

In respect to the above, I also recommend that you do not use the same computer that you are using for your online banking to watch movies or drama online!!! Always use a separate notebook for your online banking needs where all the links are saved as favorite.

Those of you who uses Apps such as Netflix and Viki on the other hand do not need to worry about virus and you can watch the movies and dramas on your Smart TV, Tablets and smartphone too.

My wife has a Netflix account and she watches her Korean dramas with the 55″ SmartTV or iPad Mini or her phone. I on the other hand do not use Netflix but the many FREE Online Streaming websites, hahahaha.

Scroll down and click on Page 2 for my recommendation on what must watch movies and dramas……