Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 2021 Review

My old Mini iPad have been giving me issues where some websites just can’t load and it keeps telling me I need to update the IOS. But when I want to update the IOS, a message appears stating that I must do it with my computer using iTunes – damn troublesome. Why can’t Apple let me update via Wi-FI?

So I decided to get a new tablet. I only need a light tablet to hold it near to my face in order to read the news and browse the internet…. so I decided to try out a cheap tablet.

After some research, I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite with 32GB and it cost me less than RM600.

I checked Lazada and the Samsung Tab A7 Lite with 64GB is selling for RM699.

Samsung Tab A7 Lite Unboxing

Basically there is only the Tablet and the power charger and cable in the box.

Super Brief Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

The Samsung A7 Lite has a 3.5mm headphone jack, so it is good for me as I use this type of wired headphones.

As I mentioned, I am using the tablet purely to read news and surfing the internet…… and based on the price I paid, i.e. less than RM600 (less than USD150), the Samsung A7 Lite is perfect.

And since it is a Samsung, you can expect the quality to be good and I am surprised that it comes with McAfee!

To give you an idea on the smoothness of the Tab A7 Lite, please watch the video below:


If you need a tablet to surf the internet only, where you hold it near to your face, then I would think the Samsung A7 Lite is good enough.

I would also think that this cheapo tablet is also good for young kids to watch YouTube and play simple games.

But if you have the budget, Apple Mini iPad is a really good device.