Dyson Pure Air Purifier Hot + Cold Link

I wanted to get a Air Purifier and after some research I decided on the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link Air Purifier.

The main reasons why I opted for the Dyson are (1) it is a bladeless fan and (2) it uses a HEPA filter.

The word Link means that I can connect the Dyson Air Purifier to my Smart Phone which is a plus.

I paid about RM1800 for the Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link which is also a heater by the way.

In Malaysia, the Dyson Pure Cool unit without heater is selling at Retail Price of RM1,699 and you get a FREE HEPA Replacement Filter worth RM299 if you purchase the Dyson Pure Cool direct from Dyson online site. However, this unit is unable to be connected to your smartphone.

My New Toy – Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link

Top View of Box

Side of Box

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cold Link can be connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz only where most new router has 2 frequencies) and at the top of the unit there is a magnet so that the remote control can be placed there.

To give you an idea of my Dyson Air Purifier size, I have place my Samsung Galaxy M31 as a reference (note: do not get M Series because you can’t use Samsung Pay!).

Please note the Dyson Pure Cool sold in Malaysia as shown earlier has a larger (vertically) air flow area.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link Remote Control

If your home Wi-Fi has 2.4 GHz (if not get a new router with dual band), you can connect the Dyson Pure LINK to a smartphone, not only as a remote control but also monitor the air quality.


If you are thinking of getting a Dyson bladeless fan, I guess it would be better you get the Dyson Air Purifier which acts as a cooling fan (and heater for selected models) and also purifier the air you breath 🙂

Once again, if you purchase an Air Purifier directly from Dyson’s website, you may get a HEPA replacement filter from FREE. So check before you buy it at the store.

If you want to disinfect your living room or bedroom, Philips (Signify in Asia) has several models of UV-C lamp with built-in motion detector that auto-shuts it – which is extremely important because UV-C light are harmful not only to viruses but also humans.

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