My Disciple’s First Class Live Travel Report With Emirates Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 Kuala Lumpur to Europe May 2022

A show down of the amenities kit we received this trip🙂

Please refer image below – the left is from the second leg (DXB-FRA), while the right is from the first leg (KUL-DXB)

These are from my wife – left is from Business class on the Boeing 777-300ER flight and and right First Cls on Airbus A380.

The Boeing 777-300ER flight and picture.

I must say I am totally excited for this trip – my first ever luxurious flight in First Class, some more one of the best first class in the world – with Emirates.

First impression, spacious, very attentive service. I got myself of course a juice to begin with as they don’t serve alcohol until they took off. The minibar is really a treat. Drink as much as you wish – no excuse to be dehydrated.

The seat is really… spacious and comfortable. Can’t compare as this is my first First Class. But definitely very comfortable as compared to the economy class seats. Strangely no carrying case for the slippers and pyjamas (but you get that nice case where the PJ is kept.)

In the 777-300ER, you have only 8 seats. My flight there are only 4 of us – 50% occupancy.

For starter, I have the caviar… first time having so much caviar until I am so stuffed. The salad is also very fresh and tasty. Yummm….

Note to self – either eat fast or skip the beef filet because of the heating and waiting, your steak may no longer be medium. If you like steaks to be well-done then no problem. After I go freshen up after dinner and changed into the pyjamas, my seat is set up ready for… sleep 🙂

I decided to only have the cheese platter after my quick nap in the 7 hours flight. And the bottom photo is a comparison with the cheese platter in business class. Boy was the First Class cheese platter crazily big and classy.

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