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Bad News For Credit Card Holders 2018

Just as expected, around this time of the year, many credit card issuers would have made announcements informing their card holders that they are revising their card benefits and/or inflating their reward redemption program.

However, unlike western banks (i.e. HSBC), our local banks are more sincere where they will give us adequate time to redeem our reward points before their inflated reward redemption comes into effect.

For example, on 5th April 2018, AmBank announced to its customers that they are revising the reward redemption effective 1 May 2018. Thus giving ample notice to their customers unlike HSBC which only gave their customer 3 days notice (and 2 of the days were on a weekend)!!!

AmBank Reward Redemption Program

HSBC Redemption 2018

Revisions to Credit Cards Benefits/Reward Redemption Program 2018

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