Seiko 5 GMT – Best Value For An Automatic GMT Watch

Previously I showed you that I bought myself a Seiko 5 Automatic watch simply because it was the One Piece Luffy Limited Edition 🙂

Click here to read more about and see my One Piece Luffy Seiko 5 Limited Edition With Special Box. In this article I have photo of the Seiko 5 Luffy Limited Edition side by side with my Rolex GMT Pepsi and G-Shock Red Heritage too.

I was looking for a birthday present for my wife’s nephew who personally invited me to his 21st Birthday Party. So I thought that I get him an automatic watch that can last forever instead of giving him cash that will be burned instantly.

Initially, I thought I get him a Casio Solar Powered G-Shock with Bluetooth but ended up deciding that I should instead get him a Seiko 5 Automatic watch. I will post this watch I bought later as I ordered it via online.

As you can see from below, we can get a Rolex Submariner look alike from Seiko Automatic for about RM1K.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to show you Seiko 5 NEW GMTs!!!

I tell you, the new Seiko 5 GMT watches is just as nice as the Rolex GMTs!

And best of all, the Seiko 5 Automatic GMT are really affordable. There are 3 models for the Seiko 5 GMT. The image below shows the official retail price of the Seiko 5 GMT in Malaysia.

RM2,155 for an automatic GMT is a steal!!! It does looks like the Rolex GMT but not 100% as the font on the rotating bezel is different.

The price of the Seiko 5 GMT cost much more in Australia at AUD875 which is about RM2,685.00.

HOWEVER, the warranty period of Seiko Watches are longer in Australia!!! Below is the standard clause for all Seiko watches at Seiko Australia website:

Any purchase through our SEIKO Boutique & SEIKO Boutique Online Store has a 5 Year limited guarantee

5 Years Warranty!!! But you must buy direct from Seiko Boutique in Australia.

Below are more photos of the Seiko 5 Automatic GMT:

Above Seiko 5 GMT in Blue is a Rolex Batgirl wannabe, hahaha.

Click here to read my article on Rolex Batgirl 🙂

As for the orange dial above, well I guess you cannot claim that Seiko 5 is trying to copy Rolex, hahaha.

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