Hennessy Paradis Price In Malaysia

Yesterday I published My Disciple’s Emirates First Class Live Travel Report (click here to read it) where he redeemed Emirates First Class tickets Singapore to Dubai to Geneva.

At the end of the report, I mentioned that – “if you are flying Emirates First Class, your experience is incomplete if you do not try the Hennessy Paradis”.

After I posted the above said report, another Bro sent me a photo showing the price of the Hennessy Paradis sold today in Malaysia (not Duty Free), He took the photo at Sunway Pyramid Mall.

If you can’t see the price clearly, below is a zoom up:

Close to RM6K for a bottle of Hennessy Paradis in Malaysia (after including sin taxes)! That is about half the price of a First Class ticket KL to London!!!

Below is the price of the Emirates First Class ticket KL to London at RM12,869, for return trip it will be close to RM30K. Please note I selected RETURN and NOT One-Way to show you the price because a One-Way ticket will cost much more – and that’s why we play air miles where the miles required stays the same regardless if we are flying one-way or return. However, for Enrich Points, the statements in this paragraph may not be applicable as sometimes we need ridiculous amount of Enrich Points to redeem a Business Class ticket KL to London.

So with a Hennessy Paradis costing close to RM6K and a Emirates First Class KL to London worth RM12.8K, if you can finish an entire bottle of the Hennessy Paradis during your Emirates flights from KL to London, it is like you are getting equivalent cash back of 50%, hahahahahaha.

But then again, My Air Miles Disciples are able to fly for FREE, so they will be earning equivalent close to RM1.5K if they finish a quarter of the bottle, hahahaha.