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GenX’s Spirits

I used to have a blog called GenX’s Spirits before I deleted it away in 2017. To make my life simple, effective 2018, all post related to spirits shall be posted here are GenX GenY GenZ.

Hennessy XO & VSOP Limited Edition 2018 and my other Limited Edition Hennessy bottles

Click on the image above to see the Hennessy’s Limited Edition XO & VSOP for 2018 and also my Limited Edition Hennessy Collection as of 2018.

Below photos are part of my Cognacs and Whiskies Collection in Malaysia as of January 2018

I will just post some of my spirits collection in KL because the other bottles are the usual XOs and VSOPs and nothing special.

Martell Cordon Bleu 300 Tricentenaire – The Best Cognac in the World!

Martell Cordon Bleu 300 Tricentenaire Limited Edition produced exclusively for Martell’s 300 anniversary. This is my favourite cognac in the entire world. It’s no longer in production and almost impossible to get one at our usual liquor stores. I am so freaking happy because I went digging out my collection for the purpose of this post and was surprised that I still have 5 bottles in KL. I must have hid it so that I don’t finish them, hahaha.

GenX Spirits Favourite Cognac Martell 300 Tricentenaire Limited Edition

AirAsia Big Duty Free

Below are few of the XO Cognac bottles I managed to buy from AirAsia Big Duty Free when they had a sale back in August (30% discount) and September (30% discount plus 10% discount with MATTA Fair Code). Thanks to one of my follower who informed me of the sale and he even gave me the MATTA Fair Discount Code in September. They are 1L bottles and paid less than RM700 each.

The bottles were delivered to me on the plane when I was on my way back from Melbourne to KL in October and November 2017.

GenX Spirits Bought During Big Free Sale

My really limited Whisky Collection in KL as of January 2018

I am not really a whisky drinker but more a cognac lover.

GenX Spirits Whisky Collection 2018

GenX Spirits Whisky Collection 2018 Unboxed

Below photos are my spirit collection in Melbourne

Australia biggest liquor chain, Dan Murphy’s, is just a stone throw away from my apartment in Melbourne. So, I will drop by Dan Murphy’s at least once a week to look see, hahaha.

GenX Spirits Cognac XO Collection Melbourne 2018

GenX Spirits Cognac VSOP Collection Melbourne 2018

GenX Spirits Whisky Collection Melbourne 2018

GenX Spirits Collection Melbourne 2018

GenX Spirits Johnnie Walker Green Label Collection 2018

GenX Spirits Johnnie Walker Collection 2018

My Johnnie Walkers in Melbourne as of January 2018 – and I am not even a whisky fan, hahaha.

GenX Spirits Nikka From The Barrel

Bought this Nikka From The Barrel for AUD82 from BWS in September 2017 in Melbourne. Yet to try it – Alcohol 51.4% !!!