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Melbourne Best Restaurants & Cafes

Melbourne is a food haven where you can practically get any type of food from any corner of the world. Trip Advisor and Zomato are two well known websites to refer to if you need any suggestions as to where to have a nice meal.

And I tell you, Melbourne’s coffee prepared by trained baristas is the best in the world. I think it has something to do with the “fresh” milk. I would only order Cappuccino in Melbourne because it is a standard practice that they sprinkle chocolate on it and thus I do not need to add sugar to my coffee. Below are some photos of cappuccinos prepared by Melbourne’s baristas with freaking nice coffee art:

Melbourne Coffee Art

Before you proceed any further, I have to warn you that there are non-halal food photos here. Therefore, if you are a Muslim, you may want to take a miss on this article.

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