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My Europe Trip 2019 Part XIX – Finale (Singapore Airlines New Suite)


This is my final report on My Europe Trip 2019.

The reason I went to Europe this year is because last year (2018) I promised my youngest daughter that I would take her to Rome if she aced her Victoria Certificate of Education (VCE). Well, she did ace her VCE where she scored an ATAR Score of 99.X, which means she can enter any university she wants in Australia and even a guaranteed place for Med School with the No.1 ranked university in Australia. She even won a Premier’s Award for having the highest score in the entire state of Victoria for one subject.

So, a promise is a promise and I had no choice but to go to Rome. However, I could not get 3 FREE direct flight tickets (for my wife, daughter and I) to Rome in July 2019 on Business Class from KL or Singapore with any airlines! FYI, June and July are peak travel periods and these months are extremely tough to get FREE air tickets to Europe and my daughter’s uni break is in July!

However, God is good to me and instead offered me FREE Suite Class tickets from London! You see, when I was searching for flights to Rome, it so happened that Singapore Airlines just released many Suite Class tickets from London in July (remember – it is peak travel period)! So if God wants me to depart from London, that is what I shall do….. and my wife and daughter will get to experience Singapore Airlines Suite Class too! Click here to read more about my Singapore Airlines Suite Class tickets for my wife, youngest daughter and I.

As for my ticket to Rome, I was NOT interested to stopover/transit in the Middle East but would rather fly direct from KL or Singapore to Europe (so that I can sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours straight). Well, somehow I managed to redeem 3 FREE Business Class tickets from Bangkok to Copenhagen instead. Therefore, I get to experience Business Class with Thai Airways Boeing 777 and the best part is, I get to go to Copenhagen too!

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Day 5 in London and Heathrow Terminal 2

In my previous report Part XVIII, I have informed you guys that my wife and daughter flew back with Singapore Airlines Suite Class a day before me and I then spent the entire day with my uncle who flew to London just to meet up and have meals with me, practically we had roast duck every single night for dinner 🙂

FYI, before I went to London, I only booked 3 nights hotel room (for 3 pax in a room) and left the last night out.  Only when I reached London, I booked the last night at Ibis Budget Hotel at Hounslow for myself and it cost me about RM300. After dinner with my uncle at London Chinatown, I headed to Hounslow via the Underground Piccadilly Line.

Hounslow Hotel Heathrow London.jpg

Hounslow Hotel Heathrow London 1.jpg

Photo taken from Hounslow Central Train Platform

The reason why I decided to stay at Hounslow is, it will only take me less than half an hour to get to Heathrow Terminal 2. Therefore, I do not need to wake up early and rush to the airport.

Below is a photo of the room:

Hounslow Hotel Heathrow London Ibis Budget

The walk from Hounslow Central Train Station to Ibis Budget Hotel is less than 10 minutes. The room at Ibis Budget Hotel is clean and the bed is comfy. I was not familiar with Hounslow until I got there. If you would like to stay near Heathrow, I would recommend that you stay at Ramada or The Continental or Travelodge which are much nearer to Hounslow Central Train Station (about 3 minutes walk).

Hounslow Hotels near Heathrow Airport and Train Station.jpg

The train at Hounslow will stop at Terminals 1, 2 (Singapore Airlines), 3 and 5 (Malaysia Airlines). If you are going to Terminal 4, take note of the train as not every one goes there. But don’t worry if you get on the wrong train because you still can get a FREE train ride to Terminal 4 and 5 if you take the train to Terminal 1, 2 and 3.

Heathrow Airport Underground Train Station Terminal 1 2 3.jpg

The moment I reached Terminal 2, I see Smoking Areas 🙂

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Smoking 1.jpg

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Smoking Departure.jpg

Signage to Smoking Area at Departure Level

Oh yes, there is a Hilton Garden Inn right in front of Terminal 2.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Hilton Garden Inn Hotel.jpg

Checking In With Singapore Airlines

When you fly Suite Class or First Class, there will be a red carpet waiting for you, haha.

Singapore Airlines Suite Class First Class Heathrow Airport Check In 1.jpg

Singapore Airlines Suite Class First Class Heathrow Airport Check In 2

While I was taking photos right in front of the Singapore Airlines Suite Class Signage, a family squeezed past me. I thought they were flying First Class but then I found out they were only flying Business Class – why the heck can’t they go to the Business Class line which had no Q? Tak malu. Singapore Airlines staff should make those flying Business Class go check in at the right counter, i.e. Business Class counter, and not suka-suka check in at the First Class counter, because I had to wait before I could be served, haha.

And you know lah, I chinapek and taking photos (for your sake ok) here and there, as if I have never flown First Class before. So when it was my turn to be served, the girl at the First Class counter asked what she could do for me (as if I was at the wrong counter)? I handed her my passport and then she said – oh, you are flying Suite Class and suddenly became nicer and smiled at me, hahaha.

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