Touch n Go Card Expired – How To Get Refund

I wanted to use my Touch n Go card to enter the parking area in a shopping mall but when I touched the reader, it stated Tamat Tempoh (i.e. expired)!!!

Luckily I had another Touch n Go card with me.

So happened today I took NKVE and therefore dropped by the Jalan Duta Plus/TnG Office but it was closed!!! After finishing me errands I took the NKVE to Damansara Toll and the Plus/TnG Office was also closed!!!

So I googled Touch n Go…..

How To Get Refund From Your Expired Touch n Go Card

I then tap on Contact Us (above) and then tap on the number +60327148888

I then selected 1 for English and then listened to the menu and selected Customer Service.

I waited for 15 minutes before I could speak to a human; but then it was a really simple process to get my refund.

The CS asked for the 10 Digit Touch n Go number and then told me it was not registered (most of my Touch n Go cards are not registered).

He then asked my for my NRIC, Telephone No. and email. And with this said information he could easily identify me as I have TnG eWallet.

The CS told me that the money in my expired Touch n Go card can only be transferred to a bank account or to my TnG eWallet. So I told him to credit the balance to my TnG eWallet.

Above is really simple and the CS was really polite, the only thing was I had to wait for about 15 minutes before I could speak to the CS.

Once gain take note, if you want to call TnG, you need to call Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm only.

Nowadays most people work 5 days week only and therefore if you want to speak to someone, best you call early in the week in case they need to investigate or get management approval. If you call on Friday after lunch, do not expect your case to be settled immediately as the management most likely will only attend to your case on Monday. Only a fool expects that people will attend to their matter on weekends, haha.