FREE Access to Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA2 And Changi T4 When You Fly With AirAsia

If you are a long time follower of mine, you know lah we can eat and drink for FREE in airports 🙂 That is if you have the right credit cards….. and I have many which do allow me FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide.

Below are some of FREE FOR LIFE credit cards which allows me FREE access to airport lounges worldwide:

  • UOB Privilege Banking Visa Infinite – so far have never paid a sen in annual fee since I gotten it.
  • RHB Premier Bankinig Visa Infinite – FREE FOR LIFE without any condition for my case for years.
  • Maybank 2 Cards Visa Infinite – annual fee waived with RM80K spending.

However I have not been using my credit cards for FREE Access to Lounges as I have been flying mostly Business Class or Suite/First Class and stopped flying with AirAsia ever since they landed at Avalon Airport instead of Tullamarine in Melbourne.

FYI, AirAsia post covid is once again arriving at Tullamarine.

However I had to go to Singapore recently and AirAsia tickets were damn cheap and moreover it is kind of stupid to use my FREE air miles for such a short flight (less than 1 hour).

Therefore I had the opportunity to utilize my FREE access to Plaza Premium Lounges at KLIA2 and Changi T4 with my credit cards, haha.

Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA2

the Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA2 is located at the Mezzanine Level (between arrival and departure) next to the Aerotel.

However I spent less less than 20 minutes in the PPL because you all know lah, KLIA2 design is damn lousy where we need to walk and walk!!!

I tell you, if you are flying with AirAsia departing from KLIA2, you better start walking to the gate 1 hour earlier….. I left the PPL an hour before my scheduled departure time, there was no queue at the immigration or security (which is not normally the case) but by the time I reached the gate, boarding was about to commence!!!

Well, the captain of the plane was a lady and the ride was really smooth… making me think if women are better pilots, hahaha.

Transport From Changi Terminal 4 to Orchard Road

I was contemplating if I should take the bus or train to Orchard Road. You see, in order to take the train, you need to take the shuttle bus from T4 to T3.

In the end I decided to take the bus since I had lots of time to waste. And because I took the bus, I get to see parts of Singapore which I otherwise would never visit.

Nowadays it is so convenient to take the bus, we can just tap on and tap on with our Credit Card or Debit Card! It cost me less than SGD3 to get from T4 to Orchard Road!

Blossom Lounge/Plaza Premium Lounge Changi T4

Well, the smoking room in T4 is just beside the Blossom Lounge.

Seriously, the food at Plaza Premium Lounges at both KLI2 and Changi T4 is not that great but since it is FREE, what is there to complain 🙂 If you want FREE alcohol, it is definitely the place to go, hahaha.