My Daughter In-Law New Toy – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Last year my 4 children plus my daughter in-law got my wife the Dyson Airwrap Red Nickel – click here to see the unboxing of my wife’s Dyson Airwrap. My wife is really happy with the Dyson and would take in with her when we travel between Australia and Malaysia!

In the previous article, I showed you that I flew Business Class to Australia with Singapore Airlines. Well, I am spending a week at my eldest son’s house before heading to my freaking small apartment in Melbourne CBD.

I am very happy with my doctor daughter in-law who is currently a Registrar and working towards being a Consultant (Specialist). She is not only super smart but also very pretty, gentle, kind, generous and humble too.

I tell you, this daughter in-law of mine has insisted many times that she pays for dinner and only yesterday took my wife and I to an Award Winning Fine Dinning restaurant. She is very careful with her money but when it comes to my wife and I, she is very generous.

Like I said, I am very happy with her. So I bought her the Dyson Supersonic hair Dryer in Blue and Rose……and she was pleasantly surprise 🙂

My daughter in-law is happy with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. Her hair is pretty long and she said that it only took 5 minutes for her hair to dry with the Dyson.

Price of Dyson Super sonic Hair Dryer in USA, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia

The price of the Dyson Hair Dryer in USA is USD429.99 in the USA, Based on current USA/MYR rate of approximately 4.7, this works out to be RM2,020

The price of the Dyson Hair Dryer in Singapore is SGD649. Based on current SGD/MYR rate of approximately 3.33, this works out to be RM2,142

The price of the Dyson Hair Dryer in Australia is SGD599. Based on current AUD/MYR rate of approximately 3.05, this works out to be RM1826

And the price of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the highest in Malaysia compared to the above said countries! It is selling for RM2,499!

And from the above, you can observe that among the 4 countries shown, Australia is the best place to get the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (based on current conversion rate of 3.05).

The Singapore Dollar has strengthen against the Ringgit but yet the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryeris cheaper in Singapore compred to Malaysia.

I got no idea if Dyson increased the prices of their products in Malaysia recently due to our weak Ringgit against he USD because it does not make sense why it is selling for about 20% more compared to in the USA.

And I wonder if we get tax rebate for the Dyson Hair Dryer when taking it out from Australia or Singapore. If yes then the Dyson will be much cheaper again compared to Malaysia!