Thank You Universe

I just attended a video conference on an Ancient Chinese Scripture where we spoke in English and one of my Sifus at the end of the gathering said something like below in Mandarin which I understood and it hit me:


Nǐ yīnggāi zuò, nǐ xūyào zuò

What you should do, you need to do or you must do.


Nǐ bù yìng gāi zuò, nǐ xūyào tíngzhǐ zuò

What you should not do, you need to stop doing it.

Above is my new motto on life.

It is really timely that I hear the above because now know what is my new year resolution – what I should do I must do; and what I should not do I should stop….. which is I should stop smoking and I must do it and I should not be smoking and I must stop doing it!

Actually, this morning I was thinking (using my brain) to stop smoking but then I went and bought 2 packs of cigarettes….. no will power, hahaha.

But the Universe has sent me the message, via my sifus during the video gathering, and my heart now knows the path I must take.

I hope above statements 你应该做,你需要做 and 你不应该做,你需要停止做 will be beneficial to you to make the right choice for your own benefit and your loved ones too. If you are ever in doubt and lost, follow your heart and you will know the true and correct answer on what you must do as the heart does not lie unlike our brains which has been conditioned/influenced by our environment and too calculating (greed).