Plaza Premium First – KLIA. First Class Service.

For years I have been teaching you guys (plus your family members) how to enter Plaza Premium Lounge worldwide for FREE with credit cards.

Most of you are familiar with Plaza Premium Lounge (PPL) at KLIA where the food is buffet style, i.e. you need to go take the food.

Well, today not only do we have Plaza Premium Lounge at KLIA but also a new upscale lounge by the same group, and the lounge is called Plaza Premium First.

Plaza Premium First is like most airlines First Class Lounge where you do not need to go take the food but it is served hot to you!!!

Both my wife and I visited the Plaza Premium First at KLIA recently.

After Immigration and Customs Check and before the train, turn to your right and you will see an escalator and the signage Plaza Premium Lounge and Plaza Premium First.

Upon you reaching the top of the escalator, you will see 2 counters – one for Plaza Premium Lounge and another for Plaza Premium First.

So I went to the Plaza Premium First Counter and the guys asked me – credit card? I replied yes and he told me to go to the Plaza Premium Lounge Counter! I was like WTF! I want to enter Plaza Premium First and not Plaza Premium Lounge!

So I showed him my Credit Card, then only he said that my credit card can enter the Plaza Premium First. He should not have presumed that I only have entry level credit cards for PPL but be better trained to check if I have any “high” level credit cards.

Bros & Sis, if you have been reading my articles for years, you are now familiar with the term Entry Level Credit Cards. I tell you most credit cards today are Entry Level Credit Cards where one does not need to earn more than RM100K (which is less than USD25K) per annum to hold one. For example, the Alliance Visa Infinite eligible annual income is only RM60K!!! And most Entry Level Credit Card, if not all, have AUTO annual fee waiver mechanism.

Now, you must be wondering what the heck is “high” level credit card? hahaha.

Well, to me, basically high level credit cards are those which I will usually not apply because of their high annual fees which can’t be waived, example American Express Platinum Charge Card (for you blur people – Charged Card means you MUST settle the Outstanding Balance in full monthly). However, I am going to tell you a secret, so besides the high level American Express Platinum Charge Card, the CIMB Travel World Elite Credit Card (Minimum income requirement: RM250,000 per annum and subsequent years’ annual fees are waived with RM240K spending) also allows you to enter the Plaza Premium First!

In respect to the above, credit credit cards from Premier/Privilege Banking can also be considered as Entry Level credit cards because the annual fees are waived and most won’t allow you to enter the new Plaza Premium First for FREE, hahaha.

Plaza Premium First Review

I will just tell you the service at Plaza Premium First is good and you are served hot food where you do not need to go to the buffet counter. It is really like an airlines First Class Lounge.

You will note that the Plaza Premium First is “spacious” compared to Plaza Premium Lounge.

Plaza Premium First Toilet and Shower

Plaza Premium First Food and Drinks

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