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Up To 15% Bonus Asia Miles From Your Credit Card Reward Points

Bros and Sis, we can get up to 15% Bonus Asia Miles if we convert our credit cards’ reward points to Asia Miles before 12th November 2022.

Promotion period: 13 September-12 November 2022

However, most of us Maybank credit card fans would have converted our Treats Points to whatever desired air miles last month before the minimum 40% inflation rate came into effect this month, i.e. 1st September 202. Therefore we would have very little Treats Points today, hahaha.

But the Asia Miles up to 15% Bonus Miles runs until 12th November 2022. This means we have about another 2 months to accumulate Treats Points before we convert them to Asia Miles.

Now, do not lah convert your credit cards’ reward points to Asia Miles last minute… you have been warned.

Last month I warned all not to convert their Maybank Treats Points last minute… on the evening of 31st August 2022, Maybank Customer Service was overwhelmed with calls and many hung up after potting on hold for 20 minutes or simply could not get through.

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