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GenX’s Simple Engineered Hack To See You Wealth Grow With Cash Back Credit Cards


First and foremost, thank you for your support.

What I am about to present to you below is a simple engineered hack (you can call it Finance Engineering) to see the cash back that you have earned from credit cards grow and grow over the years. It’s more like a long term time game.

However, if you do not have 6 months in savings in order to survive in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, I strongly recommend that you instead click here and read my article titled Prepare For Tomorrow So That You Can Sleep Soundly. I am not joking, no point wasting your time reading the rest of this article. Instead it should be a top priority of yours to  start planning what actions are required so that you achieve the goal of having 6 months cash reserve to pay for your essential expenses so that you do not resort to crime during a recession.

Do you remember that I mentioned in the above said article – “the secret to being rich is not how much you earn but how you can save“?

For those of you who have 6 months cash reserve for survival in case of a recession or “shit happens” situation, you may continue reading.

Why do I term the cash back you get from your credit cards as earned and not saved?

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