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Rolex GMT Master II New 2019 126710BLNR aka Batgirl

First the good news, those of you who owns a Rolex Batman, congrats because it is now officially a rare watch 🙂 Rolex no longer producers the Batman!

I really like the Rolex Batman’s Oyster Bracelet with the flat three-piece links where the middle link is polished. Click here to see My Son’s Rolex GMT Master II Batman 116710BLNR versus My Rolex Pepsi 16700 and NEW Pepsi 126710BLRO and you will see than the Batman’s bracelet is really nice and manly.

Rolex NEW 2019 GMT Master II – Reference  126710BLNR aka Batgirl

In 2019, Rolex replaced their Blue Black GMT Master II Batman Oyster bracelet with the more girlish Jubilee bracelet, and therefore Batman has been transformed into Batgirl, hahaha.

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