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Oh, before you proceed reading the contents below, I must warn you not to waste your time; and those of you without any sense of humor may find it to be offensive too. Only proceed if you are really a kiasu, freaking free, got nothing better to do and has an equally sick imagination like me……….. Contents Rated XXXXXXXXX – not for general public consumption, only for penyibuks (busybodies). And, yes, feel free to click on the links 🙂

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GenX’s Personal Online Profile.

Name: GenX.

Age: Old enough to be GenY’s Father and since it’s year 2018 GenZ’s Grandfather too.

Place of Birth: Malaysia.

Citizenship: Malaysian.

Race: Bangsa Malaysia.

Height: Average Malaysian.

Weight: Fat (want to loose weight)

Shoe Size: 16 (as if, haha)

Sex: Loves it.

Secondary Education: Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan SPM Grade 1.

Tertiary Education: USA and a step below attaining Permanent head Damage.

Work Experience: Consultant (bull-shitter), Resident Engineer, Project Manager cum Office Boy, Farmer, Planter, Driver and Delivery Boy, General Worker (whatever the bosses instruct including sweeping the office floor), Site Supervisor, Dish Washer, Teaching Assistant, and CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer).

Current Occupation : Publisher (of blogs) for FREE.

Annual Income from Blogs: In 2015, thanks to my readers who purchased stuff from Groupon after clicking on the links at my blog, where I earn some commission at no extra cost to my readers, I earned about RM600. I then used it in December 2015 to go sign up for a dotcom domain which cost USD99/year (more than RM400). So net income less than RM200! And if no one click on my Groupon links and purchase stuff at Groupon in 2016, come December 2016, my dotcom site will have to go “kaput” as I won’t have enough money to maintain the site.

Net-Worth: Still got 9 figures when converted to IDR.

Liabilities: Children.

Favorite TV Shows while still a kid: Ultraman, Mac Gyver, V, Lost In Space, Rin Tin Tin, Lone Ranger and Shanghai Tang (the Bund) starring Chow Yun Fat.

Favorite TV Shows in adult life: 24 Hours and State of Divinity starring Richie Ren.

Favorite Movie Shows: Big Trouble in Little China starring Kurt Russell because I watch it like hundred times in USA as HBO keep repeating it while I was in the Uni. Indiana Jones series, Star Wars series, Kill Bill, Kill Bill 2, Blade, Blade 2, Blade 3, Guardians Of The Universe I & II.

Favorite Actors: Chow Yun Fat, Harrison Ford, Jacky Chan and Jet Li.

Favorite Anime: Death Note, Naruto, One Piece and The Last Air Bender.

Favorite PC Games: Romance of The Three Kingdoms, XCom, Jagged Alliance, original Sim City and Taipan (on Apple IIe).

Favorite Game: Baccarat

All Time Favorite Local Singer/Group: Abidah Nor, Alleycats, Siti Nurhaliza and Sudirman

All Time Favorite International Singer/Group: Bee Gees, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Richie Ren, Taylor Swift and WHAM!

Favorite Songs: Love Changes Everything by Climie Fisher, Human by Human League, 死不了( translated as cannot die/invincible) by Richie Ren, Turn Back The Clock by Johnny Hates Jazz, Back to Life by Soul II Soul, Counting Stars by One Republic, Perpisahan Terasing by KRU, Andainya Aku Pergi Sebelum Mu by Alleycats and Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift.

When we fall in love, everything starts to change and in the process we experience joy along with sadness which makes us human. And when we are young, we feel invincible (I like to tell people “never die before ar” when they do something stupid) and work our butts out to accumulate wealth (old man song – 爱拼才会赢 ). However sometimes shit happens and we wish that we could turn back the clock; but, as soon as we realize what done is done, we are back on our feet and back to enjoying life. And should we die earlier than we have scheduled/planned, our loved ones get to burn whatever remaining money we left behind as we can’t take it to our graves.

All time favorite song enjoyed by all generations: Doris Day Que Sera Sera

Hobby: Collecting cards (e.g. reward cards, credit cards and debit cards) and doing nothing but laze around.  In 2015, I decided to start collecting Spirits (not the supernatural kind but the kind we can control).

Happiest/Proudest Moments in Life (so far): Day eldest son was born and the day he entered University.

Stupidest Thing Done in Life (so far): Shiok sendiri burning money on electronic gadgets over 2 decades, i.e. mobile phones, computers and now iPads.

Wish: World Peace.

Current objective in life: Spending my children future inheritance.

Describe myself in less than 20 words: Since 2011 – Living a pathetic Eat Sleep Shit nothing better to do, debt free, stress free and “chiak pa tan si” life by reaping the benefits of my past 20 years of hard work and enjoying burning my children inheritance away. And in the process, assist others to earn some free pocket money and how to fly Business Class for FREE.


Chiak Bui Liow (Hokkien) – translated as Eat Cannot Finish. Abundant of wealth that one cannot finish by eating alone and can’t take whatever remaining to the grave.

Chiak Pa Tan Si (Hokkien) – translated as Eat Full Wait to Die. That’s what hokkien people will tell you what they do after retirement.

Kiasu (Hokkien) – Afraid to loose, always waiting to be top. Actually, this is a good thing to practice.

Shiok Sendiri / Syok Sendiri (Malay) – self gratification where no one else cares.

No.8 – sounds like prosperous in Cantonese. Therefore I ensure that my car number plates and mobile phone numbers always ends with the number No.8. And if I get a new credit card that ends with the number No.8, I will be escalated with joy.

No.4 – sounds like DIE in Hokkien and Cantonese. This number I will avoid.

No.9 – Ancient China Emperor’s Feng Shui number and also baccarat ultimate winning number.