My Credit Cards Have Come Full Circle – It’s Time To Move On


The very first “credit” card I managed to get was the American Express Green Charge Card in 1988 while I was still an undergraduate pursuing an Engineering degree in USA. I was upgraded to AMEX Gold Charge Card just before I graduated 🙂 Every time I see my AMEX Charge Card, I get “shiok sendiri” sensations because it states Member Since 88; and if you have been following my blogs the past years, you will know that I am really into the number No.8 🙂

However, I have not been using my AMEX Gold Charge Card for years ever since I got the Maybank 2 Platinum Cards (AMEX Plat + Visa Plat) and subsequently the Maybank 2 Cards Premier (AMEX Reserve + Visa Infinite).

Last year when I called AMEX to request for Annual Fee Waiver for my Gold Charge Card, my request was initially declined; but with my excellent begging skill, I managed to get the AF waived in full. This year (2016), once again I had to call AMEX to get the annual fee waived, however, this time I was told that because I failed to spend RMX amount with it, my request would not be entertained.

So, with a broken heart, I had no choice but to break off the long term relationship I have had with my AMEX Gold Charge Card. With much sadness, I instructed the Customer Service representative to terminate my Gold Charge Card immediately as it would be stupid of me to pay the annual fee and not getting any benefit in return. The CS rep then suggested that I downgrade to the Green Charge Card which is FREE FOR LIFE! I then asked whether the card would still have Member Since 88? And she said YES!!! Without any second thoughts, I immediately agreed to be downgraded – it’s FREE FOR LIFE and best of all I will still get to brag that I have been an AMEX Member Since 88 🙂

Now, most of you know that I have retired; therefore, I have no monthly pay slip, this makes it very hard for me to get a new credit card with an issuer which I have no current credit cards with (e.g. AEON and AmBank).

When we retire, our expenses would reduce drastically and we may not use our credit card as often. What we want is basically a credit card for convenience and emergency cases, therefore, I would suggest that you never ever terminate any of your FREE FOR LIFE (without any conditions whatsoever) credit card(s); because, once you have no salary, it is almost impossible to get a credit card from a new issuer.

Always remember – Cheap No Good, Good No Cheap, FREE IS THE BEST!

I would think that it is best to get FREE FOR LIFE credit cards from Maybank (e.g. Maybank 2 Plat/Gold Cards – AMEX + MasterCard/Visa) and CIMB. Reason being, these are the two largest banks in Malaysia; and thus the possibility of it being around in another 20 or 30 years from now is very good. AmBank credit cards are currently very good since they are also FREE FOR LIFE; but, do you think AmBank would still be around 30 years from now? I would think that it would most probably be merged with other bank(s) sooner or later. Having said this, you should still get AmBank credit card today as they are FREE FOR LIFE 🙂

Coming back to my latest AMEX Green Charge Card, I have now come full circle as far as “credit” cards are concerned. And I take it as a sign telling me to move on, haha.

For the last few months, actually since last year, I have been telling myself that my articles teaching you guys how to earn pocket money will be of no significance later in your life – that’s a fact. Most probably, the only articles that I have published that would benefit you in the long term are the following articles:

Children Education Path – in this article I mentioned that the only reading material you really need to teach your children is Ladybird Peter & Jane series. And by sending your children overseas to world class universities, there is a possibility that you will end up lonely as your children would be working somewhere else on planet earth.

Spending Your Children Future Inheritance – in this article I have taught you that you better go burn your money to accumulate happy memories for your old age and more importantly you can’t take your money to the grave. And if you do not spend your money to enjoy life to the fullest and leave it to your children, you would be pissed off big time in your grave and would try to dig yourself out of it when your child goes and spends your money on other people that are not grateful to you.

The Secret To Eternal Happiness – in this article, the most important message is that you must die happy!

Maybank 2 Cards Premier – those of you who applied for the Maybank 2 Cards Premier after reading my articles on it, would most probably have managed (or will be able) to redeem Business Class ticket(s) for FREE where you otherwise would only fly Economy Class.

With the above mentioned matters and in particular with me coming full circle on credit cards, I regret to inform you that I have decided to stop publishing new articles on matters relating to credit cards and how to earn you pocket money.

I most probably won’t be renewing the Dotcom website come December 2016; therefore, it should be automatically converted to I will let it run for now so other people can still benefit from the articles published.

All the posts in my GenXGenYGenZ Facebook Page will remain as it is for now. You can still message me and please do share good stuff with me; but, I will not necessarily reply or entertain your messages.

As for my GenX Spirits blogs (WordPress and Facebook), they have been deleted (or already in the process of being deleted).


Over the years, many of you have taken the trouble to thank me for my articles and I truly appreciate them. I have made some wonderful iFriends too where many of them share and teach me stuff.

Once again, I would like to thank the following people who have touched my heart in one way or another:

Aanies Contessa, Aaron Lee, Aaron Ng, Aaron Patrick Xavier, Aaron Tang, Adrian Lee, Adrian Soo Yih Ming,  Adrin Low, Afiq Xilantra Azmi, Ahmad Khairuddin Ismail, Aik Chun Tan, Alan Lim Tze Guan, Alan Ling, Alex Ho, Alex Lam, Alfred Khew, Alicia Kok Yu Ming, Alicia Quek, Allan Tky, Allen Sim, Allison Teoh, Alvis Lee, Andre Ooi, Andrew Woo, Andy Gen, Andy Lim, Andy Lye, And Giang Poh, Ang Kok Keong, Ann Lee, Anna Lim,  Anter Tey, AnQi Chew, Arvin Mogana, Asa Mi, Ayam Sam.

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Once again, I would like to thank each and every one of you who have signed up as a Follower at blogspot, those who have contributed to my past articles in one way or another and every one of you who have Liked my GenX GenY GenZ Facebook. I wish you the best of luck in your future undertakings and may you be blessed with perpetual happiness and good health.

Last but not least – always remember Cheap No good, Good No Cheap, FREE is the Best!

Goodbye and signing off for the last time as GenX.

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