My New Toy – Light Powered Citizen Eco Drive All Black Military Style Stealth Watch

In December 2016 I was looking for an all black watch but after comparing a few models (e.g. Zenith, Tudor, etc), I finally settled for the then new Stainless Steel Rolex Air King on 2 January 2017.

Rolex Air King

I am very happy with the Rolex Air King 116900 as, best of all, I don’t need to adjust the date, hahaha. But somehow I have always wanted an all black watch.

Today, while surfing the internet, I saw an all black Citizen Eco Drive (model BM8475-00). The official retail price is AUD325 in Australia but there are some online sites selling for just around AUD229 to AUD269. One could get it cheaper at Ebay but most of the sellers are located in the USA and it takes weeks to reach me. I also found one at Lelong for about RM550+

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475

So what the heck is Eco Drive?

Citizen Eco Drive

According to Citizen, it’s a battery watch that is powered by any light source!!! Therefore I will never need to replace any batteries.

If you have been following me for years, you know I hate battery watches as I find it a hassle to have the batteries replaced.

So, this Citizen Eco Drive thingy, where I don’t need to go to the watch shop yearly to have the battery replaced, got me excited.

My search for the Citizen Eco Drive BM8574-00

I then googled and after visiting many sites – I found Myer’s website selling it for AUD194.95 and I was so excited. So I quickly asked my wife to buy it (she has a Myer account) but she told me it was sold out!!! I was kind of disappointed and continued googling and somehow stumbled upon an advertisement that there is one available at Myer Melbourne CBD. So I quickly rushed to Myer which is about 5 minutes walk from my apartment.

When I reached Myer, lo and behold, there really was one available (the Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00) and best of all, they were offering a further 25% discount starting last weekend on the clearance price!!! If I had stumbled upon the watch early last week and bought it at Myer, I would not be entitled to the extra 25% discount. The final price I paid was less than AUD150 or about RM450. Wow!!! Less than RM500 for a watch that does not need batteries to be replaced, this is a blessing! I am so thankful to God for this wonderful gift.

Without further ado, I present to you my new toy = the all black military style stealth looking light powered Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475 00 Unboxing 2

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00 Unboxing

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00 All Black Military Style

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00  Rear.jpg

Citizen Eco Drive BM8475-00 Super Price

The watch does feel solid (heavy) and for the price I paid, it a steal 🙂