Johnnie Walker – XR 21, Platinum 18, New 18, Green Label 15 and New Green Label 15 Years

If you are a follower of mine, you will know that I love cognacs. However, the joke is, since last year I have been collecting Johnnie Walker Whiskies! Prior to 2017, I have never ever bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker in my life. That all changed when Johnnie Walker reintroduced their Green Label and instantly won the Award Of Best Scotch Blended Malt Whisky in the World 2017. So, I had to try it and I must say I really like the Green Label, anytime over Yamazaki 12 Years and Macallan 12 Years.

GenX Spirits Johnnie Walker Green Label Collection 2018

I not only bought 1 bottle but 4 bottles of the Johnnie Walker Green Label in 2017. Below is my Johnnie Walkers in Melbourne in 2017:

GenX Spirits Johnnie Walker Collection 2018

Since then, I have opened one bottle of the Green Label and took one bottle back to KL to give to my brother-in-law.

I flew into Melbourne in early April 2018 and as usual I dropped by Dan Murphy’s and to my surprise they were selling the Green Label at a freaking low price of AUD65. On top of that, the Green Label now comes in a new design. So, I bought another 4 bottles of the Green Label.

Johnnie Walker Green Label old and new box 2018

My Johnnie Walker Green Labels in Melbourne April 2018

Johnnie Walker Green Label old and new box bottle

Johnnie Walker Green Label on Sale at DAn Murphys

I separated the purchase by using my Maybank AMEX Reserve and Maybank Visa Infinite so that you get to know which gives us better Foreign Exchange Rate. I will update you soon once the transactions are posted in my M2U accounts.

Then for my birthday this year, my wife’s aunt and uncle gave me a bottle of Johnnie Walker XR in a very nice box. Must be a limited edition as I have never seen this version before.

Johnnie Walker XR 21 Years Collector Box

Johnnie Walker XR 21 Years Collector Box Unbox

Johnnie Walker XR 21 Years Collector Version Unbox

Below is my current collection of Johnnie Walkers in Melbourne as of April 2018:

Johnnie Walker XR 21 Platinum 18 New 18 Green Labrl 15 and New 15


Johnnie Walker Platinum new 18 years and XR 21 unbox

FYI, since late 2017, Johnnie Walker stopped distributing the Platinum but instead renamed it as 18 Years. So if you see a bottle of JW Platinum, better buy it and keep it in your collection as once all the stock is sold out, it will be a collector’s item.

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