Prelude To A New Toy – Tax FREE

As most of you are aware, GST was rated as 0% (not abolished) when the new government was formed. Well, the new government will be imposing SST instead come 1st September 2018.

In respect to the above, many of you have bought yourself a new car in the past 2 month to enjoy this short tax free period. And those of you who were given the privilege to read my article titled Bought A BMW And Earned Myself A First Class Ticket To Europe; also bought your new car using your credit card after learning from me. One of my disciple told me he bought his dad a new car paid in full with his credit card 🙂

Anyway, in a matter of days, we will be imposed SST. So if you need to purchase anything, you better to it soon.

Well, many of you know that I have bought my eldest son a sports car while he was in USA pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering degree and two years ago another new car in Australia where he is now pursuing a post graduate Doctor of Medicine Degree (M.D.). And because he made me so happy by enrolling into a Med School, I bought him a Rolex Batman. Click here to see my son’s Batman and my Rolex Pepsi.

Many of you know that I practice Spending Children’s Future Inheritance, if you have attained the level of “Chiak Bui Liau”, I strongly suggest you click here and learn how to spend away your children’s inheritance and enjoy yourself to the max while you still can AND more importantly you get to hear “thank you” from your children while you are alive instead of them burning away your money when you are dead and not grateful to you.

Well, as for my second son, I did buy him a Limited Edition Bell & Ross GMT for his 18th birthday; but, I have yet to buy him a car. So for his 21st Birthday and also as a Graduation Gift from a World’s Top 30 Accounting Uni and the No.1 Uni in Australia, I got him a New Toy yesterday and therefore get to save some money before the new SST comes into effect on 1st September 2018.

Rolex Gold

Soon, I will share with you guys photos of my son’s new Rolex in half gold. The watch is still wrapped in plastic and my son is only returning end of the year, haha.