I Am Grateful That My Project 0.0 Has Benefited My Super Die Hard Followers – Stories of Miracles


Sometime back, about 3 years ago, I came to realize that whatever I teach regarding Cash Back Credit Cards earning my followers some pocket money will not make my followers’ life any better in the long run.

In 2016, somehow God directed me to pursue something more meaningful where I am able to assist my fellow Bros and Sis in their suffering. So, I stopped blogging about credit cards in 2016 and embarked on a fulfilling and satisfying journey on helping others. I am still assisting others on their issues/suffering and when I am back in KL, where I also volunteer at a centre which helps others when western medicine can’t. In this centre, many miracles have happened where doctors trained in western medicine has given up.

I tell you, the power of Love & Gratitude has no boundaries and if you practice Love & Gratitude, miracles will appear right before your eyes, over and over again.

On 25th December 2017, I decided to reborn GenX GenY GenZ. I am sure many of you, my long time followers, would have noticed that I now touch on Love & Gratitude in most of my articles.

Last year I decided that I shall introduce Love & Gratitude to my followers by offering Project 0.0 to them so that they will have a better life on earth and experience less stress. However, to participate in this Project 0.0, one has to pass several screening steps and a final step to be in my list of Super Die Hard Followers.

I am pleased to announce that many of my followers who participated in Project 0.0 and practiced what I have taught them are amazed with the wonders they have experienced. Many are now able to sleep soundly; one even told me his wife noticed that he now smiles more often like before they got married and spends more time with his family. Many also told me that they were “lost” prior to participating in Project 0.0 but now know why they are on earth; and one even managed to secure a Rolex Daytona despite being told that he will never be allocated one!

Many of my followers are extremely grateful to me because I have alleviated their sufferings with the power of Love and Gratitude, many are now flying first class with their spouse, and more importantly, many are now having less stress which if not addressed will eventually manifest into some form of health issue.

Many of my super die hard followers are so grateful that they have presented me with gifts and free makan!!! Click here to read my article titled God Sent Blessings via My Super Die Hard Grateful Followers Password: Blessings

My Disciples’ Miracles

Many of my disciples have shared with me the miracles they have experienced since they participated in Project 0.0.  Today, I shall present to you testimonials from them:

January 2019

Miracle Story 1.jpg

Miracle Story 3.jpg

March 2019

Miracle Story 2.jpg

April 2019

Miracle Story 3A.jpg

I tell you, if everyone practices Love & Gratitude, they will have less stress and experience miracles over and over again and most importantly – will die happy 🙂

27th September 2019 – As announced I will be launching Project 0.0 again next week, but as usual it is not that easy to participate. Only those who are really die hard supporters who actually read my posts and can follow instructions are allowed to be part of it. Therefore, first thing to do is remember the Password for the article titled Project 0.0 Testimonials 2019 to be published on 30th September 2019 and of course continue to emit unconditional love: Blessed