Thank You For Your Support – GenX GenY GenZ Is Once Again Top 1% In The World

I googled, “how many websites are there in the world 2019” and below is what I got:

How many websites are there in the world 2019.jpg

The entire planet earth population as of 2019 is approximately 7.7 billion humans and there are 1.94 billion websites, that’s equivalent to 25%. But then again, it is not surprising since I used to have 7 websites not including this website GenX GenY GenZ dotcom which I reborn it on 25th December 2017, hahaha.

Click here to read about GenX GenY GenZ Reborn where I have listed all my previous websites (all no longer active).

If you were to check the total hits for this GenX GenY GenZ Dotcom website, you will notice that I have approximately 1.6 million hits. If I were to add all the hits for all my previous blogs, it would be more than double or triple considering that I started blogging 10 years ago in 2009!!!

Wow!. I have been blogging for 10 years. Time does fly by in a blink of an eye.

Many times I have decided to stop blogging. Initially (maybe 4 to 5 years back) it was because I was pissed off that many websites will copy my articles in full without even changing a single word or people will take credit from what I teach them.

However, in 2016, I come to realize that whatever I teach my followers on how to earn pocket money will not make their life better.

Somehow, God directed my energy to helping those who are really in need and I finally stopped blogging at GenX GenY GenZ in late 2016. I did start another blog in mid 2016 which had less than 300 followers; but I tell you, this blog has helped many people where I managed to alleviate the sufferings of many and it was more meaningful than teaching people how to earn pocket money. And the best part was – two of my long time followers took my advice and today, both of them are able to help others on their sufferings too 🙂

However, somehow, I reborn GenX GenY GenZ on 25th December 2017 and I was greeted warmly at Facebook by those who did not unlike GenX GenY GenZ facebook 🙂 Yes, many unlike my Facebook after I stopped blogging and missed out many valuable information for months until they found out I have been reborn, hahaha.

After I reborn Genx GenY GenZ, I was shocked that many of my followers did not know what to do with their Credit Card Rewards Points. So, me being the naive stupid nice guy who is grateful to my followers decided to help them. BUT in the process I learned something, i.e. not all my followers are grateful to me for teaching them for years and many think they are my boss!!!  It is as if I am a slave to them. It took me 9 years to realized that many of my followers are self-centred and think that they are smarter than me and more superior than me instead of being equal!!!!

Better late than never, I soon realized that I have been a fool thinking that my ALL my followers are genuine nice, grateful and humble people. So I made a decision that I shall only teach those who are grateful and humble – which are the most important thing to having a happy life on earth.

Therefore, I initiated a project called Project 0.0 to teach about Love & Gratitude to assist my die hard followers to achieve a better life. Only those who passed an initial selection process are able to participate. Not only that, there was even a final test to determine if those who are participated are able to practice Love & Gratitude. For those who passed Project 0.0 test, they are now my Bros & Sis where they can contact me anytime. The beauty of Project 0.0 is that many have informed me that their lives are better off and they experiences miracles themselves 🙂

I am so grateful that many of you believed in me where you would buta-buta follow my instructions. And by doing so, many of you, who addressed me as Sifu and follow my instructions/teachings, have been blessed beyond your imagination, i.e. fly First Class for FREE and more importantly having a happier life with less stress.

Those of you who have been following me for years would have noticed that nowadays the contents in my articles no longer emphasize on pocket money but more towards flying First Class for FREE and Love & Gratitude.

Surprisingly, many of you still read my articles despite me no longer teaching you guys so often on how to earn pocket money. And the best part is many of you, despite not in my list of Die Hard Followers still continuously Like my Facebook Posts regardless of the contents in the articles!!!

In respect to the above paragraph, I hereby would like to express my gratitude to each and everyone of you who have continuously showed gratitude by Liking my Facebook Page (yes I know the password thingy for selected articles are damn freaking troublesome) – ZILLION Thanks.

And because of you continuous support, GenX GenY GenZ, Malaysia No.1 Unbiased No Budget Self Financing Website, is now back in Alexa Ranking (in the top 1 million websites) and on 12th March 2019, GenX GenY GenZ was No.399K at Alexa (remember, there are 1.9 billion websites).

Alexa GenX GenY GenZ Ranking.jpg

GenX GenY GenZ Website Global Ranking 2019.jpg

1,000,000 out of 1,940,000,000 works out to 0.05%. this means GenX GenY GenZ, Malaysia’s No.1 Unbiased Independent No budget Website,  is among the top 1% website on planet earth. Thank You Bros & Sis!!!

If you are still reading this, well, it shows you are indeed my die hard supporter, hahaha

I would like to take this this opportunity to thank the 1.2K people who expressed their support in my Facebook Post dated 20th December 2018 that they wish that I continue blogging.

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