Revision To Cash Back Benefits For Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard and Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa 2019

Effective 1st July, there will be changes to the cash back benefits of both the Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum MasterCard and Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa.

Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum Visa

Effective 1st May, SCB announced some revisions to their credit cards’ benefits where Government, JomPay and Professional Services (e.g. PayPal)  will no longer be entitled to any Reward Points of Cash Back. Click here to read more about the revised benfits of SCB credit cards 2019.

However, this card was voted as the No.5 Best Cash Back Credit Card in Malaysia by GenX GenY GenZ’s readers only last month (May 2019). I guess after 1st July 2019, many would deemed this card to be as good as useless, hahaha.

Below are the new revised TnC for the Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum effective 1st July 2019:

Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum Cash Back Revision.jpg

With the above, besides the monthly cash back capped reduced to RM60 per month from RM85, please note that effective 1st July 2019 there will be an Online Cash Back Monthly Cap of RM30 too!


The Standard Chartered Bank Just One Platinum was good because it allows those with Insurance Premium to earn some cash back. However, if you only need a Cash Back Credit Card for Auto Debeting your Insurance Premiums and nothing else, with RM2.5K spending and cash back of RM60, this works out to 2.4%!

I tell you, with just MAXIMUM 2.4% cash back which is NOT Guaranteed BUT Tiered Cash Back, better you just go with Maybank FC Barcelona Visa Signature which is FREE FOR LIFE without any conditions and you are guaranteed to earn 2% every month except for months of May and August where you will earn 10% cash back !

Hong Leong Bank Wise Visa

If you think the above is bad, wait till you see just how useless your HLB Wise will become effective 1st July 2019. The Wise will be like the useless Citibank Cash Back Credit Card (click here to read my review) where you earn different cash back for different categories. Who the heck is so freaking free to go keep track of their spending for different individual categories – as if they have nothing better to do!

Hong Leong Bank Wise Effective 1st Just 2019 Cash Back Revision.jpg

With monthly cash back cap of RM18 where you will earn 8% on weekends, this means the maximum amount you can spend on each of the 3 categories is RM225.

Keeping track on your spending for each cateogory just to earn RM18 cash back per month…. will that make your life any better? Give you more headaches got lah.

And if you are a WISE credit card holder, you know that HLB will not waive the annual fee for their Wise credit cards.


Bros & Sis, with credit cards issuers downgrading their credit cards’ benefits, looks like Cash Back Credit Cards are one by one becoming as good as useless. Like I have been telling you guys, you want small money you get peanuts! It is time you switch to playing air miles before the opportunity to fly First Class for FREE disappear forever.